Conduct a Social Media Audit

Conduct a Social Media Audit

Confidentiality, compliance, and privacy patient confidentiality and privacy should be one of your top concerns when using social media. This section can include guidelines for protecting patient information. You can also use this space to remind employees to never use a patient’s confidential information to find them online.

Accuracy and reliability when you work in healthcare, evidence-based information and sources are key. Remind your team to keep this in mind when sharing health-related content on social media. This section can include suggested references or guidelines for fact-checking and citing information.

Professionalism outline expectations for professional behavior on social media. These can include guidelines for appropriate and inclusive language, tone, and conduct. This section can also include information on potential conflicts of interest.

Create Your Content

If your institution uses company accounts or hashtags, list them here for your team. This list is especially handy if your brand has been targeted by fake social media accounts. Do’s and don’ts offer a brief overview of what’s expected and what’s important to avoid.

Need examples? Try “do share company b2b email list social media posts, events, and stories” or “don’t engage with competitors in an inappropriate way.” disclosure guidelines cover the work-related content your team is encouraged or discouraged to post. If you want your employees to separate personal and business-related accounts, now is the time to let them know.

Employee advocates are a great way to extend your organic reach. We recommend encouraging they share information that will reflect well on your organization.

Set Up Your Accounts

Security cybersecurity poses a threat to all institutions and individuals. It is especially important to be aware of it in the healthcare industry. Outline best practices to keep your team and company safe. These may include tips like using strong passwords and two-factor authentication.

Social media guidelines for healthcare Bulk Lead professionals template we’ve taken all of the above components and created a simple plug-and-play template for you to use. Bonus: download your free, customizable healthcare-focused social media guidelines template to quickly and easily create guidelines for your team.

Once you’ve downloaded the template, you can customize the guidelines to reflect your brand, team, and audience. Healthcare social media guidelines examples if you’re curious about what others in healthcare are up to on social media, check out the examples below.

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