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Let nothing stop you on your path to success! 3. Enhance the professional profile To access better opportunities. study and updating are essential in your professional life. This allows you to enhance your profile to apply for better jobs. 4. Expand your network Taking a short course not only means learning new knowlge. but also meeting people in your sector and with the same interests. With a wide network of contacts. in the future you will be able to turn to them when you ne it. exchange opinions and even create or develop business opportunities. 5. Take advantage of time Although it may sound contradictory to study on your vacation. taking advantage of that free time is a great decision.

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Remember that the more knowlge you acquire. the more opportunities you will have to develop in your work environment. These are some of the reasons to study short courses in your free time. If you have already made the decision or want to know more. visit our page b2b leads CLICK HERE and find out what academic offers we have for you.In line with the latest pagogical strategies. our teachers will strengthen their skills through a cycle of webinars. Karla Colchado. head of the Teaching School. talks to us about the academic achievements and challenges of our university in the new scenario. competencies.

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What balance could you give us in academic terms of the 2020-1 semester? We consider that 2020-1 has been positive. The changes as a result of the pandemic were assum. As challenges and various actions and strategies were quickly develop that allow. Us to have a rapid response to the situation. This guarante academic continuity and commitment to our students. What would you say are the Bulk Lead high points that are add to UPN’s academic offering from this experience? The rapid adaptation and prisposition of our teachers. which makes the change process affordable. Provide an appropriate technological platform for the offer of remote and virtual learning sessions.

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