The ama journal of ethics professional guidelines for social media use: a starting point is a great resource. The article includes tons of useful, well-researched, and relevant information. When you browse through, be sure to pay attention to table.

Online medical professionalism: considerations raised by the acp-fsmb guidelines the college of physicians and surgeons in british columbia. The cpsbc provides succinct and clear social media guidelines. It clearly states the college’s position on social media and includes resources at the bottom of the two-page pdf. Bonus points for the cpsbc social media guidelines for being short and sweet unlike its acronym.

The college of physicians and surgeons of nova scotia. The cpsns has social media guidelines that are specific to physician use. Good for them for getting granular.

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One thing we love about the physician use of social media – standards & guidelines? It provides clear examples of inappropriate behavior from actual reported cases. This gives the reader an exact idea of what not to do.

Plus, some of the stories are pretty spicy b2b leads doctor-goss! Spill that tea. College of physicians and surgeons of nova scotia inappropriate behavior physician example hca healthcare hca healthcare’s social media guidelines clarify company-endorsed use of social media.

The document outlines the appropriate and inappropriate use of social media for hca healthcare. They’re very clear on not wanting to infringe on individual rights. Hca healthcare personal use of social media when on personal time and using personal devices

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Government of british columbia other regulated bodies can also be a great source of inspiration. The government of bc, for example, has its social media guidelines posted publicly on its website.

These guidelines are formatted as b2b leads questions, which makes them easy to navigate. You can quickly find answers to questions like “which social media tools is government currently using?” and “does being a public servant impact my personal use of social media?”

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