Remote ucation systems. although they have had to be activat in an unforeseen situation. are destin to be an important support in the coming years. What are your projections on this topic? It is important to understand that this situation has “advanc the future”; However. our purpose has not chang because we continue with the same passion to transform lives. In any case. it has been necessary to review our academic and ucational model. understanding that the learning process (in-person-remote-virtual) must adapt and adopt the best tools and strategies so that. Regardless of the modality. we guarantee quality ucation. UPN . internationally accrit by IAC- CINDA . has enabl virtual support since April 27 through the Degree and Title Regulations. svg E ucation should not stop so that the goals set are met.

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In the midst of this context. due to Covid-19 . universities have launch technological resources so that students can continue with their academic work. In this way. the aim is for graduates to complete the degree process. In that sense. Our Private University of the. North has been working with its digital platforms business lead for some time now. so that the learning experience has the same quality as always. The virtual space has become the setting for several. Graduates to support their thesis and thus obtain the desir degree in their professional career. It should be remember that its preparation requires time. effort. motivation and a lot of determination to achieve it.

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And although supporting the thesis can always be a tense moment for the graduate. Whether in person or virtually. remember that your preparation will speak for you to defend your research work. Below. we provide some recommendations that the graduate should follow to support Bulk Lead the thesis virtually. Take note! Attend other presentations and observe the dynamics between the graduate and the jury. Meet with your advisor or professor to identify any potential problems and find a strategy to address the issue. Rehearse and use a stopwatch to measure the time of your defense in the oral presentation of the thesis. It is valid to practice with your friends and family.