There are multiple decision

There are multiple decision

Featured white paper 5 Ways to Create Better Customer Experiences with Data Collaboration Search our site Search the MarTech site Search the MarTech site MarTechBot Meet your new AI-powered marketing assistant! users share their prompts and responses with the vendor to improve their systems. HubSpot’s ChatGPT integration guidelines are completely new and untested in this context. Image 2 Hubspot’s Beta Terms of Use for Content Assistant and ChatSpot That creates significant IT and data security security

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Assumed that the data in your genAI instance was completely yours. Vendors like HubSpot are upfront with their policies but you may still contribute to a competitor’s success just by using their software. Case in point: The b2b leads disruption is that the prompts are part of the data which completely changes the paradigm of data management. 5. Core martech and the other foundational content tools There’s been so much attention on newly launched genAI tools but I recommend re-investing in the bedrock applications you’re already using.

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Maximize Intent Signals and Win Customer Loyalty with Cross-Channel Strategies Everything You Ever Wanted Bulk Lead to Know About B2B Data but Were Afraid to Ask Intelligence reports Enterprise Marketing Attribution and Performance Management Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide Enterprise Account-Based Marketing Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide Enterprise Marketing Work Management Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide

CRM and MAP vendors are the ones you already know the best and have likely been with the longest. genAI capabilities of your core applications Bulk Lead is a must given the pace of introductions. Remember that the introduction of genAI will impact the foundational tools not typically included in the martech stack e.g. Office 365 or Google Workspace productivity suites. Many of us had been experimenting with Google Labs’ Help

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