Thinking that strategy implementation is just about execution

Thinking that strategy implementation is just about execution

 Ignoring the knock-on effect of strategies when organizations implement major strategies. They tend to forget that these strategies might affect normal proceures in the organization. It is often the case that managers and employees get caught up in coping with the changes and ignore the ongoing implementation. In addition. Candido and santos (2019) found that it is often the case that barriers to strategy implementation are relate. Their work has found that “the evidence gathere from the case study. Strongly suggests that the occurrence of an obstacle will probably generate another relate impeiment. Which in turn may generate another and another. Leading to a ‘coherent’ chain of obstacles. Acting together and reinforcing each other”

We can anticipate that when one of the barriers arises.

We can anticipate that when one of the barriers arises. More are likely to emerge. This can be due to the link between the barriers. Or because of management failure. Become a world class digital marketer case study – mcdonald’s mcdonald’s ordering app mcdonald’s ordering app a great example of a digital strategy causing chaos is the not-so-successful implementation of a new app. The fast food giant introduce the app as part of a technology update to introduce a new menu and allow delivery and curbside pickup. However. The la times reporte that its ‘experience of the future’ initiative resulte in employees handling more tasks (without pay raises or adequate staffing) resulting in people quitting their jobs. Plus. It also resulte in customers having to wait longer for their orders – surely not something mcdonald’s wante when bringing in this new technology. According to one mcdonald’s worker.

Westley williams. “it’s more stressful now

Westley williams. “it’s more stressful now. When we mess up a little bit because we’re getting use to something new. We get yelle at.” since its launch. The mcdonald’s app has seen 40 million downloads. Way above the competition in the quick-service restaurant category. These downloads have been booste by offers and celebrity tie ins in its famous orders collaborations. 10 most downloade qsr apps 2022 10 most downloade qsr apps 2022 in 2023. Mcdonald’s move to become more ‘nimble’ will see job cuts in the company and a move to expand and have branches that are both traditional and to-go only sales according to the wall street journal. How staff feels about this move is unclear at the moment. 5 ways to successfully implement a digital strategy now that you know what not to do. How can you implement a strategy successfully?

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