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I interviewed some of the e-book readers and wrote an anonymous story about them on my blog. Score What kind of results did the marketing measures bring? Here’s one screenshot with multiple months of sales compiled: From March 2016 blog Over time, there were more marketing measures, such as this blog. beginning that are related to finances and e-book sales. I have updated some of those posts and added links or pictures to the e-book sales page. However, I have deleted most of the posts related to the economy, because blogging and teaching blogging would have created such a big conflict that it would have taken much longer to build credibility and trust.

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As I have said in other posts, I remind you once again: You should define the topic of the blog precisely special data and focus on that topic for a long enough time. It builds expertise, brand, credibility and trust. And they, combined with marketing and sales, eventually bring euros to the company’s (or blogger’s) account. Now you know how to market and sell your first digital product. It was nice to write such an overview of the early days of entrepreneurship. What thoughts did you get from this post? Feel free to comment below, let’s talk more! Psst… Pin this post to Pinterest The marketing and sales of the first digital product went like this This is how you can display WordPress article images in the service [Updated] For understanding technology | 0 Comments | Tiia Konttinen In this post,  instructions on how to make WordPress article images appear in the service.

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Post updated on 1 October 2023. The images do not appear automatically, but require one plugin to be downloaded to WordPress. Here are screenshot BT Leads  instructions on how to do it. This is how you can get WordPress article images to appear in the service First, let’s add a new add-on. So click “Add-on” and then “Add new”. After that, type “Feedzy” in the “Search” field. The search function will start working immediately and find that add-on for you. Click the add-on’s “Install Now” button and when the installation is complete, click the “Activate” button. After that, you get the first steps, but you can skip these. Instead, click on the “Go to dashboard” link in the upper right corner of the page (not shown in the image below) After that, look for Feedzy in the link list on the left and click on the “Feed Categories” link below it. 

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Regarding email marketing. I unfortunately no longer remember how many emails. I sent during the campaign or what I wrote in them. The first email I found in Active Campaign’s cache is dated August 10, 2016. Facebook ads In the first 4 months. I was doing effective Facebook advertising until February 2016 when. Facebook made its famous algorithm changes. Until ads worked, this was a productive way to make sales. At my best, I sold up to 7 e-books per day (7 x €29 = €203 daily sales).

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I wondered in our coaching Facebook group some time ago, whether I would be a blog coach now if the ads had worked latest database just as well after February… Marketing and sales of my first digital product Podcast During the launch, podcast, the recording of which is unfortunately no longer available to listen to. small children and how you can easily get started with your own finances. You might also like: 6 Digital Products You Can Make in a Week The launch team In addition to implementing all these marketing measures, I had a small but hardworking launch team.

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The purpose of the launch team was to tell and comment on publications related to the book on social media. These people had also received the e-book BT Leads  to read in advance and had given me feedback about it, which I could use in the marketing of the book. The members of the launch team were also partners, i.e. they got their own affiliate link. When sales came through them, I paid them a small monetary commission for the results. At this point, unfortunately, I no longer remember what the ratio was between my own and my partners’ sales at that time. Feedback and testimonials feedback and results as marketing support.  

A leather sling bag from a luxury brand value

In practice, a blog and a home page do not differ from each other in any way.  and if you don’t add a blog there, it’s just a homepage. But if you add a blog, you can talk either blog or home page with the term. 6. What kinds of blogs are there? In theory, you can have blogs and write about any topic. The important thing is that the topic interests you as a writer and is in demand, meaning that readers are also interested in it. If there are 100 people in Finland who are interested in the topic, you will surely get them interested, but it is difficult to get income from a blog like this.

You can make a homepage

 So try to find a topic that has more demand and then narrow down the topic precisely new database so that you stand out enough from other blogs . If you need ideas on what kind of blog you can start, download 101 blog topics (pdf) here . 7. Why write a blog?  for writing a blog, i.e. blogging. It can be a way to break down a challenging life situation, act as a peer support for others, teach, act as a way to share information, or if it is a private person, a blog can be a channel through which the blogger makes money with commercial collaborations and UGC (User Generated Content ) .

There are several different reasons

 For companies, a blog is part of marketing, sales tunnels and customer acquisition. ask yourself is “Why would I write a blog?”. The worst answer is “Because I  BT Leads want money”. Blogging is a marathon and you should commit to it for several years in order to get the most out of it. You should have a topic that you can talk and write about all the time. I often ask my students “Would you write about this topic if you weren’t paid a penny for it, or on the other hand, would you write about this topic if you were paid 100,000 euros per month?” If you answer yes to both questions, then you are on the right topic. In the beginning, the income will be less, but over time you will increase the income.  

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In 1997, Jorn Barger invented the term “weblog”, which he used to refer to “logging the web”. In 1999, “weblog” was shortened to “blog” by Peter Merholz. In the early days of blogs, the content was very personal, even a diary-like stream of thoughts. I was able to publish my own thoughts and people will be happy to read them. Even today, blogs are considered online diaries, but blogs have also developed a lot into commercial, marketing cornerstones and even a place to maintain work samples. 2. Blog and post, what’s the difference? So a blog is a website or one part of a homepage.  published on a blog. I always laugh when I read on social media that “I published a new blog!”, because I wonder how many separate blogs or websites this person might have…

A post is a single piece of text

The blog has its own unique domain, for example, my blog can be found at https :// tiiakonttinen . fi / blog . The posts do not officially have their own unique domain, but are a continuation of the official domain. For example, the web address of this post is https :// tiiakonttinen . fi / mika – on – blog If I were to type only “mika-on-blogi” into the browser, I wouldn’t be able to get to this post. The address structure of the posts is an important part of the functionality of the blog. Each new data word in the address must be separated by a hyphen. If the words are written together, it is difficult for search engines to understand what the post is about. lot. In the old days, it was said that posts should be short texts containing no more than 300 words.

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However, studies show that longer blog BT Leads texts (1200+ words) get more reads and shares on social media than short ones. Long blog posts also have the opportunity to convince people more and lower the purchase decision. My longest blog post is over 5000 words long and is read regularly. 3. What is the difference between a page and a blog post? It is possible to make separate pages and blog posts for blogs. These are not the same thing. Individual pages such as About, Contact or Start here are a bit heavier than a single blog post. 

How to prepare a content map for your Blog

What are Content Maps and what are they for ? Who is your buyer persona ? Do you know the 3 phases of a user’s purchasing process on the Internet? In this article, written by Carlo Farucci of InboundCycle, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about content maps. In this post, we propose to explain how a content map is configured to offer relevant information to each user according to their moment in the purchasing process. How to prepare And we are going to do it by focusing on a content marketing project such as a blog.

Once this work is done

We could add traffic acquisition and lead maturation processes, and then we would enter a more complete inbound marketing project . But here we will base ourselves company data on the first part: the creation of the content. To her! Nowadays there is a focus on personalization and everything is based on the user. And although the same person may need different types of content over time, the most common thing is that blogs focus on one type of content (usually the most informative or the most corporate), so they lose much of the traffic they could obtain and, therefore, potential clients.

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Of information you should have on your blog, it is important to work on a content map taking into account your buyer persona and their phase within the Bulk Lead purchasing process. Below we will detail these three variables, which you must work together. But we already told you that this customizable template will give you a hand to start shaping your content map. Use it! Establish who your buyer persona is One of the first things you should be clear about your project when generating content is your buyer persona. The buyer persona is, ultimately, your ideal client. 

Top3 of the 2016 Bitácoras Awards and not die

Are you going to participate in the 2016 Bitácoras Awards ? Would you like to be among the top 10 blogs in your category? Do you know how to get votes to reach the final? In this article I am going to explain in a simple way what you have to do to vote and get votes that take you to the top 3 of the 2016 blog awards. Top3 of the 12th edition of the Bitácoras Awards is here, so thousands of bloggers and blogs have started with their strategies to get the desired votes that lead them to be one of those selected for the final of the contest.

But getting votes

Is not an easy task and sometimes we lack ideas to achieve it. Therefore, today I will tell you about a series of techniques and tricks that you can use to increase the executive data chances of reaching the final of these awards and voting in the blog awards more quickly. There are many benefits of participating in this contest, I am going to tell you those that are the most important to me. 1 – Helps improve the visibility of your Personal Brand As in all awards or events, when you participate you are giving more visibility to your personal brand.

Imagine the reach that this event can give you, if you manage to finish in the top20 or top10. 2- You will improve your reputation as a blogger In this environment, as in many others, it is necessary to be surrounded by the best so that people value you as a professional in your sector.

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Why all the “biggest” bloggers share their articles with each other. And yours never do? Even if you mention them! It is the same, it is what is called visibility Bulk Lead or reputation among bloggers. 3 – You will create and improve relationships with other. Professionals Being among the best will also make you one of. The best and that will lead you to meet many professionals, while you. Vote for each other or when the rankings come out and they see your blog. All people will want to know who you are and will talk to you to get to know you.

How to get Subscribers from Twitter without

Do you know what Twitter Cards are ? How to use them to get more subscribers through Twitter? In this post, we are going to explain how you can get more out of this great tool to achieve more conversions on your tweets and thereby increase the percentage of sales in your online project. Getting more subscribers is the goal of every blogger. More subscribers means more people who know your content, who download your eBooks and therefore, more people who are one step closer to buying your products.

In this article

Written by Juanmi Olivares , we are going to explain how to get subscribers from Twitter , without needing to have a Blog yes, if you read correctly, you do not need a executive email list blog to get the emails of your future clients. Do you want to know how? Well, keep reading! But, before getting into the action of how to get subscribers with Twitter Cards, we are going to quickly explain what they are and some benefits of using them. Keep in mind that not all Twitter accounts have “ Twitter Cards ” active. So yours may not have them either. If the “Creativities” button does not appear, you will have to continue with step 2.1. And if you can see said button, you can go to step 3.

Remember that your

Goal is to have the “Creativities” button active in order to create the famous “ Twitter Cards ”. What happens is that Twitter is not going to let you have access to them Bulk Lead until you configure a payment method. It is assumed that once you indicate a payment method for your Twitter campaigns, your. Intention will be to create paid campaigns but let’s see that we can activate the “ Twitter Cards ” without having to pay anything to Twitter. We go step by step, so that you understand everything well.

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For example: Thumbnail example for YouTube Tip: Inbound Marketing on YouTube: how to do it? Blog Content Blogs often also use background images, especially in rich materials. Watch: Practical guide: How to choose the best marketing strategies for your company In these cases, they are super important because they can also capture attention and, during an article, even complement what is said. See another example: Text Mium Image Example Tip: Content for Instagram: ideas to apply! Image banks for your Digital Marketing backgrounds Image banks are a great choice for those looking for Digital Marketing backgrounds to compose their creations.

To optimizing for searches relat to your business

There are many possibilities with different color options, textures and elements. Another positive point of image banks is that the options are truly professional, ready to use in a legal, safe and, often, free way. Below, I’ve select some free options special data with a large collection . Now take the opportunity to save the links! Unsplash Rawpixel FreePik Depositphotos Vintage Stock Photos Morguefile Pixabay RGBStock Stockvault Death To The Stock Photo Libreshot Getrefe Reshot HubSpot PicJumbo Images and backgrounds are just one part of Digital Marketing! Now that you know, even more deeply, that images and backgrounds for Digital Marketing are essential when producing content, you ne to pay attention to several other points so that your strategy really works.

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PROTESTE supermarket price simulator Start creating online content for your company now! At this point, it’s no secret that investing in online content creation is a fundamental aspect for any company that wants to prosper! When Bulk Lead developing a strategy, it is important that you put the customer at the center of decisions and be able to explore the most diverse formats. With that in mind, I sav the best for last: we, here at Orgânica, are experts in Digital Marketing strategies and use Inbound Marketing to create and distribute all types of online content across the most diverse channels.

Our experts and start growing through Google

If the image shows a summer product, for example, it’s cool if the background is relat to the beach or pool; Use filters : social networks themselves have resources that can be an alternative when the available background does not correspond to the propos theme or, even, when you want to use something different. But be careful and don’t choose very artificial or fanciful filters when the subject is more serious; Use iting tools : there are many applications on the market, paid and free, for computers or cell phones, that can help when iting — be it blurring or removing an unwant background, for example.

Agency specializ in SEO Get in touch with

You may already know that Instagram stories , for example , have a vertical format, following the cell phone screen. Therefore, the image must Latest database be in the same format so as not to cause strangeness or a feeling of amateurism. Likewise, for each different content format , there is a specific size. So it’s essential to stay up to date so you don’t run the risk of having an unattractive profile ! Furthermore, especially on social mia , the content is very visual . Therefore, it is worth paying attention to details such as: Match the background to the photo’s theme : The background of the image (or video) nes to be in line with the theme.

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Your best option is to hire a Digital Marketing

Practical guide: How to use social mia to build your company’s image Videos on YouTube YouTube covers or thumbnails — those images that appear so people can decide (albeit unconsciously) whether to access a video or not — are just Bulk Lead as important as the content of the video itself or its title — if not more so! So keep in mind that a dark thumbnail , with little contrast and full of text will not attract clicks: It nes to be objective, arousing curiosity. Whenever possible, there should be a person’s face looking directly at the camera and expressing some emotion — in accordance with the phrase in the thumbnail —, in addition to bright colors .

Ads and Meta Ads; And E-mail Marketing

Remember that the most relevant thing is the message that must be convey . When there is too much information, depending on the case, people can get confus and not know what to pay attention to — and that’s not what we want. Right? Use colors to your advantage There are several studies indicating the influence that colors have on customers’ purchasing decisions . Research has shown that their use is so effective that 80% of people believe that colors increase brand recognition . Working with brighter colors can help to differentiate and draw attention to your content.

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But, at the same time, a light-color background better highlights objects, texts and other images in the foreground. Therefore, it is important to be new database careful with the color composition so as not to harm the visualization, the experience of the content and, consequently, its results! Avoid the obvious Let’s agree: no one wants more of the same! In an Internet full of content on similar subjects, avoiding the obvious ends up becoming an obligation to stand out. A white background with black letters, for example, makes reading easier, but certainly does not arouse the curiosity of the viewer.

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So try to reinforce your visual identity, but always creating different compositions , which give more personality to each content and, therefore, do not go unnotic among the others. Now, understanding which background fits best in each Bulk Lead location that will be us is the second step to choosing the best images . See below! Tip: Is Digital Marketing Bor? Find out how to avoid one! Types of background for Digital Marketing Social mia posts For publications on social networks , such as Instagram and Facebook, it is essential to think about the backgrounds considering the ideal formats for each of them.

The success of your project! Practical guide

Search results . Just look at another example of ours: Google search: customer service Tip: SEO and Inbound Marketing: the perfect marriage The role of the Digital Marketing Agency in SEO projects Applying and maintaining the SEO of your Digital Marketing strategy to expand your authority and increase sales is continuous work . Here at Orgânica, our success happens because we drink water from our own source! That’s right: we do for ourselves what we offer for our clients — including SEO that delivers sales results — from strategy to.

Optimization Online Advertising on Google

But have you ever stopp to think that choosing the fund for Digital Marketing can play a fundamental role in this?! “Like this?” — you must new data be asking yourself now. And, although it may seem a little obvious, what I have to tell you is: we, human beings, are extremely visual! Proof of this is the data that shows that, with images, articles on blogs reach 94% more views and posts on Facebook receive 53% more likes and 104% more comments. However, it is not enough to insert any image thinking that the work is done. Taking care when choosing a fund makes all the difference when it comes to standing out to potential customers , as well as improving their perception of your business.

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If what you want is to know the main steps to make the best background choices for Digital Marketing , you’re in the right content! I’ve put together some simple and practical tips for you to effectively define all the images of your creations. Let Bulk Lead  check it out? How to create a Digital Marketing plan for your company Background images for Digital Marketing: how to choose? Avoid distractions When defining an image, opt for a neutral background : it is more versatile for both photographs and graphic creations. This way, it is possible to give more emphasis to what is in the foreground , without the interference of unwant details.

How to improve the speed of a WordPress website

Currently, and much more so since we use mobile devices, improving the speed of a web. Therefore, page is one of the objectives to achieve when. Optimizing it. Improving loading speed has many positive aspects, among which are the user. Experience (every extra second of loading can mean loss of sales) or. SEO positioning (Google penalizes slow websites). It is important that you also know that it is not good to BE OBSESSED with the speed of a web page . There are people who don’t sleep at night thinking about how to scratch. A thousandth of a second in the loading of their website to achieve. How to improve scores of 100 in Page Speed ​​Insights (Google’s measurement tool). Others brag on the Internet that their website has. A score of 100/100 (on mobile and desktop) and their. Website is a blank sheet of paper with black text on top and as bland as a sawdust sandwich.

How a slow loading speed affects a website

Let’s now see what you really need to take into account. In addition, Phases to design a website Index of contents How a slow loading speed affects a website. However, The 5 elements that most influence the speed of a WordPress website Factors to measure to improve the company data loading speed of a website: Google Core Web Vitals 2 tools to measure the speed of a website 1. Google Page Speed ​​Insights 2. GTmetrix Plugins that will help you optimize the loading speed of your WordPress website 7 recommendations to improve the loading speed of a WordPress website #1. Choose a good hosting provider #2. Use a light and clean WordPress theme #3. Do not abuse plugins and check their quality #4. Install a caching plugin in WordPress #5. Optimize and compress images on your website #6.

The 5 elements that most influence the speed of a WordPress website

In addition, Clean WordPress Spam and Database #7. Use a CDN Conclusion How a slow loading speed. Affects a website In the intro I already told you two. In addition, aspects that can be greatly affected by a slow loading speed. But there are more: It negatively affects web Bulk Lead positioning. The algorithms of search engines like Google take into account. The speed of your website to assign better or worse scores. If your website takes a while to load. Google will penalize you. It affects the mobile user How to improve experience (UX): mobile devices. Although they are increasingly faster, have less resources and power than a computer that is connected via WiFi or directly to the wired network. Elements that a website must load, such as. Images or JavaScript, will take longer to display on a mobile. It affects the conversion rate.