Top3 of the 2016 Bitácoras Awards and not die

Top3 of the 2016 Bitácoras Awards and not die

Are you going to participate in the 2016 Bitácoras Awards ? Would you like to be among the top 10 blogs in your category? Do you know how to get votes to reach the final? In this article I am going to explain in a simple way what you have to do to vote and get votes that take you to the top 3 of the 2016 blog awards. Top3 of the 12th edition of the Bitácoras Awards is here, so thousands of bloggers and blogs have started with their strategies to get the desired votes that lead them to be one of those selected for the final of the contest.

But getting votes

Is not an easy task and sometimes we lack ideas to achieve it. Therefore, today I will tell you about a series of techniques and tricks that you can use to increase the executive data chances of reaching the final of these awards and voting in the blog awards more quickly. There are many benefits of participating in this contest, I am going to tell you those that are the most important to me. 1 – Helps improve the visibility of your Personal Brand As in all awards or events, when you participate you are giving more visibility to your personal brand.

Imagine the reach that this event can give you, if you manage to finish in the top20 or top10. 2- You will improve your reputation as a blogger In this environment, as in many others, it is necessary to be surrounded by the best so that people value you as a professional in your sector.

Top3 of the ever wondered

Why all the “biggest” bloggers share their articles with each other. And yours never do? Even if you mention them! It is the same, it is what is called visibility Bulk Lead or reputation among bloggers. 3 – You will create and improve relationships with other. Professionals Being among the best will also make you one of. The best and that will lead you to meet many professionals, while you. Vote for each other or when the rankings come out and they see your blog. All people will want to know who you are and will talk to you to get to know you.

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