How to get Subscribers from Twitter without

How to get Subscribers from Twitter without

Do you know what Twitter Cards are ? How to use them to get more subscribers through Twitter? In this post, we are going to explain how you can get more out of this great tool to achieve more conversions on your tweets and thereby increase the percentage of sales in your online project. Getting more subscribers is the goal of every blogger. More subscribers means more people who know your content, who download your eBooks and therefore, more people who are one step closer to buying your products.

In this article

Written by Juanmi Olivares , we are going to explain how to get subscribers from Twitter , without needing to have a Blog yes, if you read correctly, you do not need a executive email list blog to get the emails of your future clients. Do you want to know how? Well, keep reading! But, before getting into the action of how to get subscribers with Twitter Cards, we are going to quickly explain what they are and some benefits of using them. Keep in mind that not all Twitter accounts have “ Twitter Cards ” active. So yours may not have them either. If the “Creativities” button does not appear, you will have to continue with step 2.1. And if you can see said button, you can go to step 3.

Remember that your

Goal is to have the “Creativities” button active in order to create the famous “ Twitter Cards ”. What happens is that Twitter is not going to let you have access to them Bulk Lead until you configure a payment method. It is assumed that once you indicate a payment method for your Twitter campaigns, your. Intention will be to create paid campaigns but let’s see that we can activate the “ Twitter Cards ” without having to pay anything to Twitter. We go step by step, so that you understand everything well.

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