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Remember that the most relevant thing is the message that must be convey . When there is too much information, depending on the case, people can get confus and not know what to pay attention to — and that’s not what we want. Right? Use colors to your advantage There are several studies indicating the influence that colors have on customers’ purchasing decisions . Research has shown that their use is so effective that 80% of people believe that colors increase brand recognition . Working with brighter colors can help to differentiate and draw attention to your content.

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But, at the same time, a light-color background better highlights objects, texts and other images in the foreground. Therefore, it is important to be new database careful with the color composition so as not to harm the visualization, the experience of the content and, consequently, its results! Avoid the obvious Let’s agree: no one wants more of the same! In an Internet full of content on similar subjects, avoiding the obvious ends up becoming an obligation to stand out. A white background with black letters, for example, makes reading easier, but certainly does not arouse the curiosity of the viewer.

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So try to reinforce your visual identity, but always creating different compositions , which give more personality to each content and, therefore, do not go unnotic among the others. Now, understanding which background fits best in each Bulk Lead location that will be us is the second step to choosing the best images . See below! Tip: Is Digital Marketing Bor? Find out how to avoid one! Types of background for Digital Marketing Social mia posts For publications on social networks , such as Instagram and Facebook, it is essential to think about the backgrounds considering the ideal formats for each of them.

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