How to improve the speed of a WordPress website

How to improve the speed of a WordPress website

Currently, and much more so since we use mobile devices, improving the speed of a web. Therefore, page is one of the objectives to achieve when. Optimizing it. Improving loading speed has many positive aspects, among which are the user. Experience (every extra second of loading can mean loss of sales) or. SEO positioning (Google penalizes slow websites). It is important that you also know that it is not good to BE OBSESSED with the speed of a web page . There are people who don’t sleep at night thinking about how to scratch. A thousandth of a second in the loading of their website to achieve. How to improve scores of 100 in Page Speed ​​Insights (Google’s measurement tool). Others brag on the Internet that their website has. A score of 100/100 (on mobile and desktop) and their. Website is a blank sheet of paper with black text on top and as bland as a sawdust sandwich.

How a slow loading speed affects a website

Let’s now see what you really need to take into account. In addition, Phases to design a website Index of contents How a slow loading speed affects a website. However, The 5 elements that most influence the speed of a WordPress website Factors to measure to improve the company data loading speed of a website: Google Core Web Vitals 2 tools to measure the speed of a website 1. Google Page Speed ​​Insights 2. GTmetrix Plugins that will help you optimize the loading speed of your WordPress website 7 recommendations to improve the loading speed of a WordPress website #1. Choose a good hosting provider #2. Use a light and clean WordPress theme #3. Do not abuse plugins and check their quality #4. Install a caching plugin in WordPress #5. Optimize and compress images on your website #6.

The 5 elements that most influence the speed of a WordPress website

In addition, Clean WordPress Spam and Database #7. Use a CDN Conclusion How a slow loading speed. Affects a website In the intro I already told you two. In addition, aspects that can be greatly affected by a slow loading speed. But there are more: It negatively affects web Bulk Lead positioning. The algorithms of search engines like Google take into account. The speed of your website to assign better or worse scores. If your website takes a while to load. Google will penalize you. It affects the mobile user How to improve experience (UX): mobile devices. Although they are increasingly faster, have less resources and power than a computer that is connected via WiFi or directly to the wired network. Elements that a website must load, such as. Images or JavaScript, will take longer to display on a mobile. It affects the conversion rate. 

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