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If the image shows a summer product, for example, it’s cool if the background is relat to the beach or pool; Use filters : social networks themselves have resources that can be an alternative when the available background does not correspond to the propos theme or, even, when you want to use something different. But be careful and don’t choose very artificial or fanciful filters when the subject is more serious; Use iting tools : there are many applications on the market, paid and free, for computers or cell phones, that can help when iting — be it blurring or removing an unwant background, for example.

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You may already know that Instagram stories , for example , have a vertical format, following the cell phone screen. Therefore, the image must Latest database be in the same format so as not to cause strangeness or a feeling of amateurism. Likewise, for each different content format , there is a specific size. So it’s essential to stay up to date so you don’t run the risk of having an unattractive profile ! Furthermore, especially on social mia , the content is very visual . Therefore, it is worth paying attention to details such as: Match the background to the photo’s theme : The background of the image (or video) nes to be in line with the theme.

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Practical guide: How to use social mia to build your company’s image Videos on YouTube YouTube covers or thumbnails — those images that appear so people can decide (albeit unconsciously) whether to access a video or not — are just Bulk Lead as important as the content of the video itself or its title — if not more so! So keep in mind that a dark thumbnail , with little contrast and full of text will not attract clicks: It nes to be objective, arousing curiosity. Whenever possible, there should be a person’s face looking directly at the camera and expressing some emotion — in accordance with the phrase in the thumbnail —, in addition to bright colors .

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