Search results . Just look at another example of ours: Google search: customer service Tip: SEO and Inbound Marketing: the perfect marriage The role of the Digital Marketing Agency in SEO projects Applying and maintaining the SEO of your Digital Marketing strategy to expand your authority and increase sales is continuous work . Here at Orgânica, our success happens because we drink water from our own source! That’s right: we do for ourselves what we offer for our clients — including SEO that delivers sales results — from strategy to.

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But have you ever stopp to think that choosing the fund for Digital Marketing can play a fundamental role in this?! “Like this?” — you must new data be asking yourself now. And, although it may seem a little obvious, what I have to tell you is: we, human beings, are extremely visual! Proof of this is the data that shows that, with images, articles on blogs reach 94% more views and posts on Facebook receive 53% more likes and 104% more comments. However, it is not enough to insert any image thinking that the work is done. Taking care when choosing a fund makes all the difference when it comes to standing out to potential customers , as well as improving their perception of your business.

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If what you want is to know the main steps to make the best background choices for Digital Marketing , you’re in the right content! I’ve put together some simple and practical tips for you to effectively define all the images of your creations. Let Bulk Lead  check it out? How to create a Digital Marketing plan for your company Background images for Digital Marketing: how to choose? Avoid distractions When defining an image, opt for a neutral background : it is more versatile for both photographs and graphic creations. This way, it is possible to give more emphasis to what is in the foreground , without the interference of unwant details.