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In addition SAR’s activities include

Geneza SAR Cooperation with organizations associating the strongest players in the digital marketing industry is part of the agency’s cro. Having a real share in the current functioning of these organizations, we jointly shape and set the direction for the development of the Internet marketing market in Poland. The SAR organization was found in to associate companies that create effective marketing communication. One of the main tasks of SAR is the promotion and animation of the advertising environment in Poland , as well as creating conditions for the exchange of experience and knowlge between entities operating on the market. The development, systematization and popularization of tender standards and good business practices, organization of training , and conducting industry research.

We also see a lot of room for synergy

We are close to the desire to spread knowlge and strengthen the awareness of the field of performance marketing as an essential element of the activity of brands on the Internet . At the present time, this area of ​​activity has become particularly important for brands that are increasingly deciding to be present on the e-commerce market. Between entities specializing in marketing communication and Semahead , a performance agency.  To achieve these two goals, as well Brazil Phone Number List as revise the obscur areas that exist at the intersection of communication, aesthetics and building a compelling narrative with raw, measurable and performance-orient performance – says yta Frąckowiak, Vice-President of Semahead.

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Membership in SAR will allow us

Effie Awards The element that motivat us to join the SAR was the desire. To take part in the Effie Awards . This is one of the most important industry competitions in the world. Which has been organiz since. The jury consists of the greatest figures in the marketing industry . It promotes solutions that set new trends and standards and lead to high business results. Currently, the Bulk Lead format is implement under a global license in countries.

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Long-form can be a podcast or a YouTube video as well. In traditional mia, long-form has always been associat with reportage, on the Internet its form will always have a hybrid form, where various types of content will intertwine and complement each other. Long-form can also be in the form of a separate landing page. Long-form – what is it and why is it worth investing in premium content? Source: nationalgeographictravelcanadaplaces-of-a-lifetime To sum up, long-form can take the form of a long article, video, podcast or all types of content roll into one. Creating in-depth content is time-consuming, and often requires expert involvement and support from graphic designers, and sometimes even programmers.


However, it is worth including this type of content in your content strategy and publishing such articles several times a year. If you are interest in creating quality and in-depth content, check out our content marketing offer. contact  e-mail address will not be publish. Requir fields are mark comment name Email semahead entries Semahead – February NEXT ENTRY Buying a domain name – how to go about it? Do you want to start cooperation with us? Fill Austria Mobile Number Database out the Brief! Completing the brief will take you a few moments and will allow us to better prepare for the conversation with you.February pass at an alarming pace.

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Startup content what content

So we invite you to our blog summary of the last month. Startup content: what content do you ne when you want to promote online?  Do you ne when you post a promotion online? A set of professionally it content on the website is an absolute “must-have” – ​​it is the basis for subsequent promotional activities, a “brick” building trust for an unrecognizable brand and an answer to many questions of the user. Treating them with neglect will have a negative impact Bulk Lead on the results of all campaigns that direct to the company website.

The author also taking care

However, instead of requiring the user to click through various links, all the necessary information is in one place. The text was comment on as many as times.  Of its topicality, add a fragment bas on users’ queries under the text. Tip: long forms for the financial industry cannot be written by anonymous authors. For this type of content, it is necessary to involve external experts who will sign their name under the publish text and indicate the sources on which they base their theses. Case study: deisgnyourtrust Long-froms live on very good terms with other forms of content, be it audio (podcasts), video or photos. An excellent example of using the power of photography to tell your own story is the series by Chris Porsz and Geoff Robinson publish on designyourtrust in.

Visual storytelling is not just for

It shows photos of the same people over the years – in their youth and years later. Designyourtrust has master visual storytelling to perfection – it regularly publishes this type of content that goes viral on the web. Long-form – what is it and why is it worth investing in premium content? Tip: archive your business life.  Artists and reporters. Showing what your office look like ten years ago, interviews with former employees, juxtaposing these facts with the current Australia Phone Number List situation  there can be many ideas for this type of content, supporting employer branding. Case study: searchenginejournal.

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It is a real mine of interesting

An example showing how you can effectively use mia relations to create valuable content. Every year, Search Enginge Journal publishes expert forecasts for the coming year.  Insights for specialists in the SEO industry and the opportunity to present themselves in a respectable group on the pages of a recognizable website. Long-form – what is it and why is it worth investing in premium content? In the long-form from , experts comment. Let’s multiply the statements of Bulk Lead several dozen experts times several dozen companies.

Get to know one of the most

How to explain this paradox? What is long-form, what is its history and why is it worth investing in it? According to the statistics of the National Library, we read little, according to various data, the focus on online content is getting weaker. Nevertheless, investing in long-form seems to be the most rational step from the business and development perspective of your own mium.  Interesting journalism genres and find out why this form of content marketing is so effective. Content Marketing Long-form, i.e. a short history of long content Long-form has a very.

The popularity of tracts

Long literary tradition dating back to the ancient Middle Ages – it was then that handwritten religious and philosophical treatises were distribut. It was similar in the Renaissance, when scientific treatises began to appear on a massive scale thanks to Gutenberg (apart from books and newspapers).  Did not diminish in the modern era, and this form of literary expression reach its true formal heyday in the twentieth century, with titles such as Ridgest Digest and UK Phone Number List Harper’s Bazaar. The tradition of long-term journalism has not wan in the age of social mia and the internet. Both traditional mia, such as The New York Times and the New.

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While Nielsen’s research clearly

Yorker, as well as more social ones, such as BuzzF and Mium, invest in long-form. On our home market, long-form is often us by, for example, Gazeta Wyborcza, Magazyn Magazyn and Dwutygodnik. Of course, long-forms are also us by small, mium and large brands for marketing purposes, which will be shown on examples in the following paragraphs of this article. Shows a consistent decrease in attention span, longer texts have higher share rates. Long-forms are also more often index by the Google algorithm in higher positions in organic search results. How to explain this paradox. Natural keyword density Bulk Lead Long-form allows you to avoid artificially high keyword density.

When buying a used domain we

In addition to this, the WayBack Machine can be us as a time machine to travel to the beginnings of the commercial Internet . Do you remember what the Gadu-Gadu messenger website look like almost years ago. WebArchive . Backlink Profile – AhrefsMajestic There is no ne to convince anyone about the influence of links in SEO activities. Also get a set of backlinks leading to it. You can enjoy the good ones and try to keep them, but it is very possible that the purchas domain will be burn with harmful links from spam sites and low-quality directories.

Of course you can also use less functional

Therefore, one of the first actions after purchasing such a domain should be to conduct a thorough analysis of the link profile and waive the inappropriate ones in the Google webmaster tool. For this purpose, we will ne Majestic or Ahrefs – for the purposes of this post, I will use the latter. It is a helpful tool recommend by SEO specialists in many countries. Access USA Mobile Number List to it is not free, but you can take advantage of the -day free trial period. Free tools, such as Backlink Checker. Ahrefs To obtain information about links leading to a given domain.

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The domain you us was

Enter it in the bar below the main menu and go to the Link profile panel. A properly prepar list can be export to a file for further analysis .Ahrefs . Inxation status of subpages in the domain  probably also inx by Google. Directly in the search engine, using the site: operator , you can check how many subpages are display in the search results. If the page has not been maintain and visit by users for a long time, we will probably come across a smaller number of Bulk Lead addresses.Inxation status of subpages in the domain.

This includes among other things

Less advanc people should decide to buy a domain directly from the registrar. Purchasing a us domain involves tasks that ne to be complet once the address has been acquir.  Auditing the profile of links that lead to a given domain and implementing corrective actions . Dealing with this on your own can be difficult for someone who does not have the appropriate knowlge, so it is important to support someone experienc in this area. Content Marketing What are domain exchanges? The answer to this question is very simple. Domain marketplaces are sites where you can sell and buy us domains.

In SEO activities they can be us

These are great places to catch “gems”, i.e. domains with high ratings. Some exchanges conduct domain auctions, which allows you to buy cheap addresses that interest you, or push up the price of those that are interest in more buyers. The largest exchange,, offers as many as , domains. Domain exchanges are eagerly visit by people who want to transfer their websites to a domain with a better-suit name or create websites that want to authenticate.  To Tongliao Mobile Numbers List buy addresses for newly creat facilities, which, properly prepar and reinforc with a valuable domain, will become a good place for link building activities.

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If the previous owner has built

Domains from the secondary market – what to watch out for? Buying a us domain is like choosing a us car: we want to buy the best one, at the best price, with the most extensive equipment. The difference is that a car basically loses value with age, and the domain gains it. In addition, if there is continuity in the use of the domain, along with it we acquire potential sessions generat by regular users.  Loyalty to his website, then with proper management of the new website, we have a good chance of maintaining the current traffic on the website, and then increasing it with new users. The address you use must Bulk Lead be check well so that it does not bring us a problem instead of a benefit.

The market of Internet addresses

The domain is the business card of both the website and its owner. It builds the first impression, but also has a real impact on SEO results.  Is extensive and competitive, so it’s worth knowing how to check the domain and what to look for before buying. In this article you will learn, among other things: how to buy a domain, what to look for when buying new and us domains, where to buy a domain, what are domain exchanges, how to check domain parameters and history. SEO for e-commerce Buying a domain is a transaction usually conclud for a longer period.

The first criterion in distinguishing

The purchas address usually, unless it was acquir only for the purpose of subsequent resale at a profit, remains in the hands of the same owner for several years. For this reason, before making a purchase decision, it is worth doing good research and treating the entire operation as a significant investment, bearing in mind the overall development of our business.  Domains Taiyuan Mobile Phone Numbers that we will make is their origin . On this basis, we can divide domains into those from the primary market (new domains) and the secondary market us domains.

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New domains – where to buy them

How does a domain affect SEO? Contrary to appearances, domains are of great importance for achieving high positions in search engine rankings. It affects items such as thanks to your authority, traffic, history and link profile . The age of the domain also positively affects the ranking – the older the address, the more valuable, of course, provid that it has a good history behind it. A safe and convenient solution is to buy a new Internet domain. Such addresses are characteriz by the lack of any history, so they Bulk Lead are a kind of blank page. Registration of new domains is handl by authoriz entities.

The most common mistakes occur

Why doesn’t it work? It happens that DSA does not move at all. Below are some possible causes: . Poorly configur dynamic targets  at the level of creating rules for directing advertisements to a website. Example? Identifying the title of the page with the title of the product or with the headline. . Trademarks in the ad text The information that Google has found trademarks in the ad text appears only after hovering over the “status” position of the ad. Then a message is shown that the ad is not showing, so it’s easy to miss. Important in foreign campaigns, in which Google sometimes recognizes phrases as trademarks, even though they are ordinary keywords.

To avoid this it is best to

Too many exclusions Too many exclud may stop the start of the campaign. Start with safe exclusions, e.g. “contact”, and then systematically narrow the range, e.g. by eliminating general keywords (see the search terms report). . Low site coverage rate Site coverage shows how many percent of URLs index by Google are us in a given DSA campaign, in terms of the set Shandong Mobile Phone Numbers dynamic goal. The lower it is, the smaller the reach of the ad. In extreme situations, ads do not appear at all. To know the coverage factor, you ne to add this item within the “column.

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Then you should change

Problems with a new account In new accounts, there may be times when the DSA won’t move on an automat bid strategy or where the stat goal is to sell.The strategy to self-set CPC, and direct the goal to traffic. When the campaign starts, you can go back to the original settings. DSA will work: In a situation where the website has an extensive structure and the campaign is to start quickly. When phrase research is ne. In e-commerce where the Bulk Lead products are well describ on the website.

This solution allows you to reach

Thanks to its application, the website was optimiz in such a way that the website appear in organic search results for the largest possible number of keywords corresponding to its content. In some situations, this way you can position the page for hundrs of different phrases specific to a given industry.  Users when the budget is too low to bet on top key phrases for a given business . Thus, it is bas on providing traffic from many less popular phrases, limiting the top ones that are more competitive and require more resources. YouTube Ads PPC long tail Dynamic ads in the search engine are a kind of transfer of the long tail concept to advertising systems.

They use its content automatically

They do not focus on keywords select by a specialist. Ads are target bas on site content.  Generating headers and adapting them to key phrases search by users. It has been accept in the industry environment that DSA campaigns play the role of a filler. Until recently, Google itself has argu that they are a perfect complement to other campaigns, filling Northeast Mobile Phone Database queries for niche keywords that we have not thought of. Meanwhile, there are situations where DSA can generate up to % of transactions. Seriously. Advantages of the DSA campaign There are many advantages of the DSA campaign.

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He bets words with too little potential

I should mention that: More likely to generate high-quality clicks Because DSA matches a page with search queries, there’s a better chance users will land on a page that matches their intent. Lower CPC compar to general phrases Lower CPC, cheaper campaign. Easy.  If a keyword has too low a search potential (see keyword planner), there is a high probability that the ad will not show up at all in a standard search ad. This problem is solv Bulk Lead by DSA, provid that the landing page is decent.

The categories are pasta oils

Categories can be, for example, individual countries, e.g. Norway, Puerto Rico, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Belgium. Tags, in turn, can be attractions that appear in given countries. Example tags: sea, mountains, lakes, for children. Another example: Health food store. Cereal products, fish and seafood, legumes, meat and sausages. Example tags are: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, low food map At the same time, it is possible to create a category instead of creating a tag. How we organize the space of our website should result from the knowlge of the industry and the analysis of keywords.

The tag can be one-time large

First We organize the structure of the page, then we create the page. This will be easier, because we will index a properly construct page right away. Before we add the first entry or the first product, let’s first figure out a way to categorize and tag the content. Tags work best for news sites. Events that we don’t want to put on the menu, but are significant enough that they ne to be distinguish. Examples include Euro  or World Youth Days. We separate a thematic US Mobile Phone Numbers group , which, however, takes place so rarely that creating a separate category for it is disproportionate to the number of events.

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Descriptions optimiz for specific

Descriptions on tag pages Both the category page and the tag pages should contain descriptions – this will allow for more effective positioning of subpages for specific phrases.  Phrases will help the search engine understand the purpose of the page, which will make the subpage of the tag rank higher. The text on the tag page should be optimiz for SEO as standard. It should contain headings and bold keywords. Summary While the use of categories is obvious and intuitive for everyone, tags pose considerable difficulties. Out of ignorance, we can do more harm than good to our Bulk Lead website by generating a large number of worthless tags.

The above method is the correct

How to use categories and tags to be visible in the search engine. Way to use tags. How to mess things up? You can add words to tags without a specific plan. Which creates new pages that will not gain visibility for keywords. Example: an online bookstore creat a “book” tag: nieprzeczytane.pltagksi%C % %C %BCka How to use categories and tags to be visible in the search engine? There is a very low probability that this tag will be visible in search results. In addition, this page repeatly uses the word book on other subpages , which causes the tag page to compete with other subpages of this bookstore and keyword cannibalization occurs.

How the texts are assign

Each tag is a new subpage and you should think about. Whether you want our website to increase their number in this way. Example of incorrectly appli tags: the Przekrój website creat the tag “book. In the singular and “books. How to use categories and tags to be visible in the search engine? In this way, two identical subpages were creat, on which the articles will appear.  to a particular subpage (singular or plural) is a secret of Przekrój itors. By making the above-mention Real Mobile Phone Numbers mistakes, you can create a whole lot of subpages that will not perform any SEO function and which will be harmful.

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Tag pages do not form a hierarchical

In this way, you can create a large number of subpages that will cannibalize each other and whose content will be duplicat. Creating a large number of worthless tags. Can also result in a large number. Of subpages that will be visit unnecessarily. By the Google robot, which will waste the crawl budget, and at the same time will not bring SEO profit.  Structure. Typically, there are no Bulk Lead parent tags, as there are for categories.

Own marketing department

There are more and more tools available on the market that allow you to control the effectiveness of almost every zloty spent on marketing . At the moment, a noteworthy novelty is the recently releas Google Analytics update (GA ), which includes many functionalities previously available only in the paid version of the tool.  Or cooperation with an agency? According to research, over % of companies actively use outsourcing of activities (source: inv. techblogoutsourcing-trends. Today, in the maze of constantly developing operating models, even the largest ones do not decide to create marketing departments with complete competence in every area. Instead, it often focuses on cooperation with an external agency.

The agency is responsible for expanding

This direction, due to the increas possibility of analyzing effectiveness and exchanging competences from various sources, increases sales efficiency and allows you to gain a competitive advantage faster. Most often, it is also the first stage of building marketing competencies in the organization, giving the opportunity to learn about the dynamics of managing marketing processes, the ne to have a multitude of perspectives and the complexity of conducting effective Mobile Phone Number Lists marketing activities. Competences, testing new solutions and skilful use of advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, Tik Tok or Huawei Ads.

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The initiative to propose new

By training and, above all, working with many clients on not only Polish but also international markets, we acquire unique skills that we use for our clients in everyday work.  Solutions, constant development of knowlge and sharing it are inscrib in our DNA, ” explains yta Frąckowiak, Vice President of the Management Board of Semahead.Many people treat blog tags as a place where additional keywords can be plac. Is this the right thing to do? Is it possible to put an equal sign between categories and tags? We encourage you to read the article from which you will learn how to increase your Bulk Lead visibility in the search engine thanks to the skillful use of both categories and tags.