The categories are pasta oils

The categories are pasta oils

Categories can be, for example, individual countries, e.g. Norway, Puerto Rico, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Belgium. Tags, in turn, can be attractions that appear in given countries. Example tags: sea, mountains, lakes, for children. Another example: Health food store. Cereal products, fish and seafood, legumes, meat and sausages. Example tags are: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, low food map At the same time, it is possible to create a category instead of creating a tag. How we organize the space of our website should result from the knowlge of the industry and the analysis of keywords.

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First We organize the structure of the page, then we create the page. This will be easier, because we will index a properly construct page right away. Before we add the first entry or the first product, let’s first figure out a way to categorize and tag the content. Tags work best for news sites. Events that we don’t want to put on the menu, but are significant enough that they ne to be distinguish. Examples include Euro  or World Youth Days. We separate a thematic US Mobile Phone Numbers group , which, however, takes place so rarely that creating a separate category for it is disproportionate to the number of events.

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Descriptions optimiz for specific

Descriptions on tag pages Both the category page and the tag pages should contain descriptions – this will allow for more effective positioning of subpages for specific phrases.  Phrases will help the search engine understand the purpose of the page, which will make the subpage of the tag rank higher. The text on the tag page should be optimiz for SEO as standard. It should contain headings and bold keywords. Summary While the use of categories is obvious and intuitive for everyone, tags pose considerable difficulties. Out of ignorance, we can do more harm than good to our Bulk Lead website by generating a large number of worthless tags.

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