Why doesn’t it work? It happens that DSA does not move at all. Below are some possible causes: . Poorly configur dynamic targetsĀ  at the level of creating rules for directing advertisements to a website. Example? Identifying the title of the page with the title of the product or with the headline. . Trademarks in the ad text The information that Google has found trademarks in the ad text appears only after hovering over the “status” position of the ad. Then a message is shown that the ad is not showing, so it’s easy to miss. Important in foreign campaigns, in which Google sometimes recognizes phrases as trademarks, even though they are ordinary keywords.

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Too many exclusions Too many exclud may stop the start of the campaign. Start with safe exclusions, e.g. “contact”, and then systematically narrow the range, e.g. by eliminating general keywords (see the search terms report). . Low site coverage rate Site coverage shows how many percent of URLs index by Google are us in a given DSA campaign, in terms of the set Shandong Mobile Phone Numbers dynamic goal. The lower it is, the smaller the reach of the ad. In extreme situations, ads do not appear at all. To know the coverage factor, you ne to add this item within the “column.

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Problems with a new account In new accounts, there may be times when the DSA won’t move on an automat bid strategy or where the stat goal is to sell.The strategy to self-set CPC, and direct the goal to traffic. When the campaign starts, you can go back to the original settings. DSA will work: In a situation where the website has an extensive structure and the campaign is to start quickly. When phrase research is ne. In e-commerce where the Bulk Lead products are well describ on the website.