However, instead of requiring the user to click through various links, all the necessary information is in one place. The text was comment on as many as times.  Of its topicality, add a fragment bas on users’ queries under the text. Tip: long forms for the financial industry cannot be written by anonymous authors. For this type of content, it is necessary to involve external experts who will sign their name under the publish text and indicate the sources on which they base their theses. Case study: deisgnyourtrust Long-froms live on very good terms with other forms of content, be it audio (podcasts), video or photos. An excellent example of using the power of photography to tell your own story is the series by Chris Porsz and Geoff Robinson publish on designyourtrust in.

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It shows photos of the same people over the years – in their youth and years later. Designyourtrust has master visual storytelling to perfection – it regularly publishes this type of content that goes viral on the web. Long-form – what is it and why is it worth investing in premium content? Tip: archive your business life.  Artists and reporters. Showing what your office look like ten years ago, interviews with former employees, juxtaposing these facts with the current Australia Phone Number List situation  there can be many ideas for this type of content, supporting employer branding. Case study: searchenginejournal.

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An example showing how you can effectively use mia relations to create valuable content. Every year, Search Enginge Journal publishes expert forecasts for the coming year.  Insights for specialists in the SEO industry and the opportunity to present themselves in a respectable group on the pages of a recognizable website. Long-form – what is it and why is it worth investing in premium content? In the long-form from , experts comment. Let’s multiply the statements of Bulk Lead several dozen experts times several dozen companies.