In addition SAR’s activities include

In addition SAR’s activities include

Geneza SAR Cooperation with organizations associating the strongest players in the digital marketing industry is part of the agency’s cro. Having a real share in the current functioning of these organizations, we jointly shape and set the direction for the development of the Internet marketing market in Poland. The SAR organization was found in to associate companies that create effective marketing communication. One of the main tasks of SAR is the promotion and animation of the advertising environment in Poland , as well as creating conditions for the exchange of experience and knowlge between entities operating on the market. The development, systematization and popularization of tender standards and good business practices, organization of training , and conducting industry research.

We also see a lot of room for synergy

We are close to the desire to spread knowlge and strengthen the awareness of the field of performance marketing as an essential element of the activity of brands on the Internet . At the present time, this area of ​​activity has become particularly important for brands that are increasingly deciding to be present on the e-commerce market. Between entities specializing in marketing communication and Semahead , a performance agency.  To achieve these two goals, as well Brazil Phone Number List as revise the obscur areas that exist at the intersection of communication, aesthetics and building a compelling narrative with raw, measurable and performance-orient performance – says yta Frąckowiak, Vice-President of Semahead.

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Membership in SAR will allow us

Effie Awards The element that motivat us to join the SAR was the desire. To take part in the Effie Awards . This is one of the most important industry competitions in the world. Which has been organiz since. The jury consists of the greatest figures in the marketing industry . It promotes solutions that set new trends and standards and lead to high business results. Currently, the Bulk Lead format is implement under a global license in countries.

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