Below you will find more about the first three ways. Lead generation with conversion campaigns We will use the conversion purpose when we want the form to be sent directly from our website. To create such a campaign, it will be necessary to implement the Facebook pixel and connect an event that will be count after the user completes and sends the contact form. Generating leads from Facebook campaigns via the website. For this purpose, Facebook’s advertising algorithms will look for users who are most likely to lead to conversions. When click, the ad will send users to the indicat landing page.  Have a well-functioning form on the website that easily generates a lot of leads.

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However if these leads come only a few times a week and this is the nature. Of the business we run,  Have a problem with the learning process, there may also be a problem with optimization, because it is usually assum that for a campaign to optimize well, events should be around a week. In such a situation, it may be more beneficial to use internal lead ads campaigns on Facebook. intext PPC Lead generation with instant forms Facebook ads can work not only by leading the Singapore Phone Number List user to external sites, but lead ads can also work inside Facebook, which shortens the path that the user has to travel, and thus often contributes to more leads.

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This method of lead generation

After clicking on the CTA button in the ad, the user will see the Facebook contact. Form instead of going to the website, in addition, his data will be fill in partially automatically bas on information from the profile or previously complet forms. An example of what a Facebook lead ads ad may look like. Works well in situations where we want to quickly create a simple contact form through which the user will be able to easily provide us with data. When we want leads to come to us with Bulk Lead greater probability through advertising. When we care about more leads.