Another brilliant aspect of Trump’s

Another brilliant aspect of Trump’s

He began his campaign as an outsider against fellow campaigners. Wisely, he took on them one at a time, focusing on each challenge while playing different versions of the self-sponsor, self-made man acting against the establishment.  Campaign is his ability to get free mia exposure thanks to all the people he carefully and precisely insults on a daily basis. The amount of calculat outrage Trump generates is so gargantuan that he has manag to become the best-selling product in the mia.

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To some extent, they’ve all become addict to “Trump News,” like junkies. When  it on purpose to get people playing in his massive mia game — the algorithm game — of pushing trending content to the top of news fes. Trump has also shown a very adept use of language, rucing his opponents to a single ‘linguistic killshot’ (as Scott Adams likes to call it), such as “Low energy Jeb,” “Little Marco,” or “Lying T.” In the age of memes, this is exactly the way to cut Phone Number List through the crowd. His ability to double-question, accept criticism from his opponents, or even use social argument and appeal to authority—all point to a master of rhetoric, language, and strategy.

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Trump focus on one segment

Think of the wall, that big beautiful wall that Donald Trump cleverly plant in your head by letting you imagine it. Think of the symbolic power of this image in the minds of millions of people – so much more efficient than a campaign or an image. Why would  of voters if they don’t vote anyway? Like the Hispanics in the GOP primaries, for example: Trump knows this, so he might lose a small minority of Republican Mexican voters by calling them Bulk Lead rapists, but he’s gaining a huge chunk of white conservative Americans thanks to a global scandal being fuel by his opponents is offer free of charge.

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