We have been present on

We have been present on

The second option takes a little longer to complete the form by adding a request to confirm the complet data at the end. This makes it slightly more difficult to fill out the form, which may affect the number of leads, but adding this option increases the chance that the user will think about whether he is sending correctly fill in information, and thus that the leads will be more qualitative. Contact us!  the digital market for a decade. On a daily basis, we deal with increasing the effectiveness of online promotion for the largest brands in Poland and in the world. Let’s talk about the possibilities of your business.

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Mandatory fields Name your e-mail Telephone What interests you? company name Detail information on the processing of personal data can be found here. Introduction and Questions The next and most important element in the form is the introduction and questions. Whether we will encourage the target group to fill out the form depends on what kind of introduction and questions we prepare.  Who came across the ad by accident, through limit targeting Senegal Phone Number List options, but do not belong to the target group, should resign from filling out the form. The first section in this part to complete will be the background image, it can be taken from the ad or upload another one.

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The next section is a description

Then the headline – this will be the text that will be display at the beginning of the form, so CTA and a short indication of the form’s purpose work well here.  It can be a paragraph or a list. It is worth listing the benefits here, briefly showing the user why he should fill in the requir fields. Then we move on to the questions. Here you can choose from a variety of custom question options, multiple choice, short Bulk Lead answer, conditional, and there is also an option to make an appointment.

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