The most important thing is that the objects in question are really in the content of our page, and the test for rich elements is correct. Structur data testing tool Regardless of the chosen format for creating structur data, it is definitely worth making sure that they are correct and do not contain critical errors before implementing them. The tool design and recommend by Google is the rich results test . This tool is intuitive and easy to use. We can choose from: URL test the address of the website you want to test. After pressing “Check URL” we get information about what extend elements a given page has. We can choose to test on computers and smartphones.

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Code When choosing the code testing option, all you have to do is paste our prepar code into the designat place, press “Test code”, and the tool will present the status of the test page, list the structural data contain and indicate any errors and the status of their harmfulness. Another well-known tool that also allows you to test structur data and works in the same Venezuela Phone Number List way is validator.schema.   Find attributes and objects that we can use in structur data. However, in the official documentation it was emphasiz that the source of information about the operation of the Google search engine should be primarily the Google Search Center.

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Remember: Even properly implement structur data does not guarantee that rich snippets will show up in search results. This depends primarily on the internal mechanisms of the search engine. Why is it worth adding structur data to a page?  Of structur data, there are two most important ones: Chance for extend descriptions to appear – if they appear on our website, we increase the click-through rate in search results, and increas CTR already brings a number of Bulk Lead benefits, especially for e-commerce websites, where we increase the chances of conversion.