Topic clusters or thematic clusters – what are they? How to create them? SEO February , Carolina Baran The number of websites on the Internet is constantly increasing – how is Google suppos to know which is the best and which is best promot at the very top of the search results, and which is better to be push into the abyss. One of the positioning methods is to create so-call topic clusters, which are suppos to make Google love us. How to do it? Do thematic clusters have to be creat from scratch?  Domain? we suggest! What is topic clusters? Topic clusters are a method of systematizing the content on the page in order to group relat content.

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Difficult? We hasten to explain. We have a children’s grocery store. The most popular positioning method is always a blog, which can bring many users interest in the topic to the website. However… what to write about? How much can you write about delicious porridges, juices, mousses or purees? Then it is worth getting acquaint with the concept of thematic clusters , which allow you to create spaces with thematic issues on the website. In the case of a company with Croatia Mobile Number List products for children, you can create, for example: Healthy eating for kids content team. Parenting guides. Pregnancy and childbirth guides for parents.

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Each such topic can be develop with countless blog articles. Why topic clusters? The thematic clustering model is a way of organizing content that is logical for Google.  Architecture, Google can determine whether a given website is an authority on the subject or whether it writes about soap and jam. And Google changes its algorithms so that it is experts in a given field who speak on topics they know. This process is also dictat by changes in user behavior. It doesn’t happen quickly, and behavioral Bulk Lead changes are tious. However, you can see that users are becoming aware of fake news.