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You will find them in the Administration. During auto-configuration. However, if you leave some steps as incomplete. Tthen the system will create an additional configuration. Duplicates, which you will then have to manually verify and remove. Is it worth using the automatic configuration. Of GA ? It might seem that Google meets our expectations. And wants to facilitate the implementation. Of GA. However, there are some downsides to this feature. First, it is limit. It will help you configure only basic. Settings such as: – currency – time zone – industry. Category – users (but only those who had access to the UA service. those who were add. in the view settings. Will not be copi). If you run an online store. GA will not collect revenue data. For this type of data to be collect automatically, events relat to them must be implement in the page’s data layer. Second, targets can be mov but not all.

So when you want to import conversions

The following types can be migrat automatically: Source: support. googleanalytics answer ?hl=pl&utm id=adzippy=% Ctematy-w-tym-artykule. However, here too one must be careful. In UA, we had the ability to create a destination. Goal using regular expressions. For example, we might have had a placement goal to display a contact page. In different languages: GA will not be able to port such a target as it does not support regular expressions as well as UA.  From GA to GA , you may see that this type of goal will be grey out, which means that it will not be Costa Rica Mobile Number List import into GA : Third, your new GA service will have a new network-only data stream configur.

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How to opt out of the automatic Configuration

If you are trying to measure application performance. You must create an application data stream and configure it to send data to GA.  Of Analytics? We recommend the automatic configuration of GA only to those who use Google Analytics in a very basic scope. We’re talking about a situation where someone only analyzes pageviews, bounce rates, or sources of Bulk Lead acquisition. However, it does not create any conversions or events.

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