We have at our disposal among others

We have at our disposal among others

Does such an approach always work in reaching the target group? From the article you will not only learn how to prepare good research, but also find out whether automation can replace it. Precise ad targeting Let’s start with an overview of the possibilities. Facebook allows us to more or less precisely target advertising to a select group of recipients.  demographic targeting, targeting specific interests, or even such things as relationship status, level of ucation, parents of children of a certain age, system or equipment us by the user.

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An example of Facebook targeting. When it comes to choosing a given location, we can also reach with great precision, not only by entering the given places, but we can also drop pins on select locations in the area where we want to target and mark whether the ad is to reach only people for whom it is intend place of residence, or also to people who are passing through there.  Groups and everything mention above are not everything when it comes to narrow ad targeting. We can also use custom audiences and create similar audiences bas on them. Effective campaigns in Google Ads? A custom audience is a target group creat on the basis of behavior towards our content Norway Phone Number List on Facebook, on the website or in the application. May be bas on conversions, including custom conversions.

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A lookalike audience, on the other hand, is a group of people who will have similar characteristics as a non-standard audience, from demographics to behavioral factors. Depending on your settings, similar groups can be narrow or broad targeting. Same with custom groups. Be expand by selecting the detail targeting extension option, which allows you to extend behavioral targeting, interest-bas targeting or other characteristics from detail targeting in a situation where conversion will be possible outside of their scope. However, this extension will not affect the set Bulk Lead demographics. An example of what the Facebook targeting settings look like.

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