A mix approach to setting your audience

A mix approach to setting your audience

Both approaches can be combin and thus reach the target group of our choice or look for the perfect solution.  It is possible to use both options, just set up a campaign that includes sets of ads with narrow and wide targeting. The budget can be set at the set level and manually shift between different target groups depending on the results, but the ad manager also allows us to set the budget at the campaign level and then the algorithm will choose which sets to value. In the case of the second option, however, you have to be careful, because the algorithm sometimes favors wide sets so much that the budget hardly reaches the narrow ones.

Contextual targeting Is it possible

Therefore in some situations it may be better to split your ad targeting, narrow and broad, into two campaigns. A mix approach is sometimes an ideal solution, and sometimes it serves as a test and we will notice that it is better to give wide sets, but narrow them down a bit, or that in those that are narrow, it is better not to use additional narrowing and they Oman Phone Number List ne to be slightly broaden. On Facebook? Contextual targeting is directing to places where content on a given topic appears, and such content usually attracts a specific group of people.

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The ad appears after visiting a topic

When this targeting is us, it means that you want to reach people who are interest in the topic at a given moment. On Facebook, contextual targeting is somewhat enabl by interests, but it’s not exactly the same, and often this option works with a delay.  Before, which sometimes complicates the situation a bit. You can also use placements when looking for context. This is not a perfect solution, but we can, for example, only reach people who are on Instagram, people who Bulk Lead watch stories or people who scroll news – and that’s something. An example of placing ads on Facebook.

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