How often do we want to show ads and for how long? What visually and in the text will interest our potential recipient?¬† Him interest? Is it a professional studio or can we record something with the phone “from the hand”? Do we ne a new campaign password? Will we use the main brand slogan? What will make us consider the campaign a success? Increase in views? clicks? sales? Mention on the Internet? Or another factor.

Should you trust algorithms

A well-prepar overview of information and expectations is the basis for all PR and marketing activities. Research allows you to choose a certain direction and helps you consistently pursue the right goal. Well-prepar messages will allow you to decide on manual settings, but they will also allow the algorithms to “look at your hands. Yes, but only if we have the opportunity to verify their operation, check whether they work in our favor or against us. So, without Nigeria Phone Number List research here, don’t move. Algorithms will work great, but for now, only in certain circumstances that we ne to learn to recognize.

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When We have a clearly defin goal

It is definitely worth using algorithms if we want to reach a wide audience with our ad, if we do not know which set to put the budget on, if we ne the campaign to take care of itself for a while, at the weekend, we can set rules that will regulate the operation of the sets and disable targeting that exces the assumptions. Good optimization of activities is definitely the basis here and it is worth looking at. Optimization of activities  We can optimize activities. Choosing between the best targeting, between ad goals, creatives, between manual and automatic settings. We can also optimize actions on rules, set CPC or ROAS for individual targeting, set Bulk Lead bid limits, select the best display time, etc.