Tools us: tests, interviews, UsabilityHub, basic level mockups, Adobe XD, recordings of user sessions, Hotjar, AB tests, Google Optimize, web analytics, Google Analytics. End of Universal Analytics User interface – what is it?  between recipients and machines take place. UI design is the design of the language through which users will be able to communicate with the software. While reading this article, you must have communicat with the page, such as scrolling to get to this paragraph  UI elements are all visual components. 

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Such as the menu, search engine, colors, layout of page sections, images, buttons, etc. They can also be physical elements, keyboard, headphones. The UI focuses on the visual aspect to make the product look neat while maintaining functionality. The design interface should be intuitive and make it easier for users to achieve their goals. In UI design, it is important to stay up to date with design trends and patterns, keeping in mind the taste of customers and business. Sometimes it’s like this… Sometimes it’s like this… UX vs UI UI designer – who is it? The UI designer deals Bolivia Phone Number List with the form.  With the visual presentation of information on the site. A UI designer should have skills in graphic design, visual design and branding.

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It is important that it is also a person with a sense of aesthetics. UI designer – duties and skills: Attention to detail, consistency and aesthetics. Ability to solve problems – the right way to solve a specific difficulty is the “daily bread” of a user interface specialist.  Design activities on competing websites. Responsive design – ensuring that the website looks good on a screen of any size and resolution. Communication skills – UI designer works with UX designer and developers on a daily basis. Tools us: mock-up, Sketch, graphics, Photoshop, project verification under WCAG, WAVE, preparing Bulk Lead a project for developers, Zeplin.