Immiately after the end of one session, another may start.  Time-bas expiration: after minutes of inactivity, midnight. Campaign change: if a visitor arrives in one campaign and then returns in another after leaving the site. Google Analytics counts the length of the session by analyzing the intervals between events. If the user enters the website and leaves it after minutes, then GA will not record any event and we will see in the reports that he spent seconds on the website.

Session duration can be chang

If the user does not perform any action on your website for minutes, Google Analytics will terminate the session. When the user goes to another subpage, after minutes from entering the page, we will see sessions in Google Analytics. The source of the second one will be self-referral. If, on the other hand, the user leaves the site but returns to it within minutes, then the previous session will continue. In the GA settings. Source: Google Analytics However, we should Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List consider whether we ne it. This can be helpful, for example, for pages that contain long videos – in this situation, the user does not take any other actions on the page while watching them.

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They do not affect historical data

Filters Filters can be us to restrict and modify the information in the GA data view. Most often, they are us to exclude traffic from specific IP addresses (e.g. internal traffic – this filter should be on the main GA view, which we analyze on an ongoing basis), to include data only from a specific subdomain or select country. However, you should be aware that they have some limitations: It may take up to hours for the filter to be appli to the data. Data modifi by filters cannot be restor. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have an additional unfilter view of data set to Bulk Lead always have access to the full data set.