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Is user experience the same as user interface? Both terms are often confus with each other, and in fact the very name shows a significant difference. However, it won’t hurt to explain exactly what their difference is. User experience – what is it? Translating from English, UX is user experience. What can the experiences be? we know that they are good or bad. If we’re on a bus and there’s someone sitting next to us who just left the gym and hasn’t had time to freshen up, our driving experience will probably be bad. Unless we have a olfactory disorder. 

There is little time left

We experience similar sensations in contact with websites. The purpose of a website is to create good impressions. This is actually the goal of the UX designer and should be the goal of the website owner as well. The role of the website is to enable users to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. Let’s assume that we want to buy shoes for a weekend trip to the mountains. So the whole process must run smoothly. We go to the website of the  store. And immiately Benin Phone Number List get a pop-up with a call to subscribe to the newsletter. We disable the pop-up and browse the page.

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We start manual searching and comparing

In a moment, a chatbot starts asking if we can help with something. We turn off the chatbot. Finally, we choose the category we are interest in. We want to filter products by parameters that are important to us, water resistance. Unfortunately, there is no such filter category.  Product attributes using Excel. We notice that we are slowly doing a doctorate in mountain shoes and at the end it turns out that the select model will be available in a few days, because. we did Bulk Lead not notice the gray message earlier.

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