Other expert websites work in the same way, not only in the field of digital marketing. Many companies run their free blogs, send industry podcasts, share reports and analyzes that have real value for many people. It’s an easy way to build the image of an expert in your industry and one of the basic methods of building visibility on Google.¬† However. not always. Not all knowlge is free and some websites and websites are switching to a pay-for-content model. What is gat content? As the name suggests, gat content is content behind a gate. This is content that is not available to everyone, only to people who pay something. Payment doesn’t always have to mean cash.

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Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s an email address or other contact details, sometimes it’s setting up an account on the website. Gat content can have almost any form and we can monetize almost everything, however, the most popular gat content formats are: guides and ebooks; worksheets and workbooks; Newsletters; Videos (pre-record or live webinar); case studies; white papers. Examples of gat content¬† Wyborcza is the first to come to mind, which introduc Nigeria Phone Number List digital subscriptions:example of gat content Nowy Marketing has a different approach to the matter, which insists on entering an email address and adding.

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To the mailing database:entering an email address We behav similarly when it comes to the semahead Black Friday guide: semahead.agencyporadnik-black-friday.¬† To users who have subscrib to our newsletter.Contact form What should gat content be like? Not every article is suitable for gat content – a wise copywriter or an expert in a given industry can reliably evaluate the article from his pen and make a decision – does the article have the potential to make someone want to pay for it? Is the knowlge contain in it unique enough to make you want to pay a monetary fee or leave a very private thing, which is email? You can’t forget about the visual aspect Bulk Lead of the content – remember that someone is paying for this content, so it should just be pretty.