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It gives us a rating on each of the elements: below average, average, above average. As a result, we compete with other users. Google bases the quality score on historical data trigger by exact match keywords for days back. intext PPC If you see “-” in the Quality Score column.  Information about a specific keyword. By using it, it is possible that your ad will not achieve the results you expect. So what does ad quality affect? The basic function it determines is, of course, whether the ad can be display at all. Google expects us to advertise as closely as possible to the keywords we use.

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This is relat to the fact that our copy should be a reflection of keywords, and thus that the relevance of the ad was as high as possible. So the best method is to include the keywords we us in the copy. This allows us to search better and boosts our ad score. Aside from the display of ads, of course, the ad score determines one of the most important things. The positions Norway Phone Number List of our ad in the search engine. This is the main aspect that Google takes into account in this matter. That we should take great care of the quality of our advertisements Ad extensions.

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In many cases, this is an overlook topic. However, remember that our extensions are not always display. This is often position dependent. So the higher it is, the better for our extensions. Ad score affects our cost per click.  The higher we are, and thus, the higher our ad score, we pay less per click. So it’s worth remembering when running ads that how much we spend depends on whether our ad is simply well-made and connects with potential inquiries. It often Bulk Lead happens that, with low quality ads, our CPC goes up to its maximum bid.

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