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We as users will not escape, but neither will Google, from the ne to index subpages that are by definition invisible to the user who has not paid.  That will present how Google deals with the indexation of such resources, as well as suggest how publishers should treat content hidden behind a paywall. Can knowlge on the Internet be free? The times when we went to the library to gain knowlge and look for knowlge in books are behind us. Now anyone can pull out their smartphone and search for content that interests them. The advantage of this is the egalitarianism of knowlge.

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On the other hand the universality of knowlge combin with the fact that anyone on the Internet can be a creator means that anyone can rewrite the definition of gravity from scratch – fake news is a plague, and publicly available common knowlge that everyone can share requires new competences, such as verifying fake news. You can learn more about how Google fights fake news from the article. So how is it with knowlge – can it be free? Of lying in the form of fake Nepal Phone Number List news? Is it worth trusting free knowlge at all, or should we ask ourselves if something is free, does it mean that it is of lower quality.

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This is a difficult question because, in fact, what is this article, a free way of sharing knowlge? Does Semahead get anything for it? We’re not asking for money.  On the blog. Do we get something in return for a free article? Of course! We try to present the readers’ attention as effective marketers who know the subject they write about. By presenting free knowlge, we prove that we can operate in digital marketing. That’s why we prepare free Bulk Lead content, However, it’s not just a Semahead strategy.

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