Therefore to prevent the flood

Therefore to prevent the flood

What is topical authority? The introduction of the measure mention above was to start promoting content written by experts – who of us has not encounter the problem of unconfirm information appearing on suspicious blogs, websites or forums.  Of fake news, Google decid to assess the quality of content and determine the Topical Authority. This is due to the simple assumption that if someone is an expert in a given industry, they do not write untruths and do not mislead people.

Panda was responsible for the negative

Just how does Google appoint experts? Who is an expert? How does Google recognize it? How does he know whether Jerzy Zięba is an expert on a healthy lifestyle or not, since even a living and breathing person can make a mistake. Machine learning and topical authority The Panda and Koliber algorithms had a big impact on topical authority (more about the most important Google algorithms ). Assessment of pages that had duplicate content, were excessively saturat with keywords or did not contain any content at all. Panda made sure that misleading content was also Bahrain Phone Number List rank low. Thus, websites that present unique and at the same time expert content that comprehensively  answers the question ask by the Internet user gain a lot.

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Thanks to machine learning robots

Koliber, on the other hand, was the answer to the increasingly complex queries in the search engine – it made the pages treat as a whole and not a collection of separate key phrases. Thanks to this, even if there is no so-call exact matchy, Google will often understand the intention behind the query and link it to a page that, despite the lack of a specific phrase, answers the question anyway. It’s all thanks to machine learning, which was harness to improve the algorithm.  That have a very large number of subpages to analyze are able to analyze various word Bulk Lead combinations and draw from it an “ideal article” construct from patterns and semantic connections.

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