So how do you finally write

So how do you finally write

There are tools on the SEO market that allow you to identify relat phrases – one of them is Surfer SEO, which, by analyzing competing articles on a given topic, creates a kind of cloud of key phrases that complement a given topic.  The best. substantively. Reasonably. No water pouring. Without long introductions describing the mood and weather outside the window. To answer the user’s question.

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Specializ expert knowlge meeting the problems of potential customers will make Topical Authority grow. Research the intentions of users and then create content that responds to this intention. Intention and topical authority  Update focuses on better recognition of user intentions. In simple terms, the intention of the query is the purpose for which someone enters Wuhan Mobile Phone Numbers a password in Google. The intentions of a user who types in Google the phrase “changing a light bulb in a car” are different than “how to change a light bulb in a car.

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Both in the first and in the second query – someone probably burn out a light bulb, but in the first local SEO should direct the user to a car mechanic, and in the second to the content that will describe step by step how to replace the light bulb on your own.  Different type of information is search. But how would that affect how we write? Well, if Google selects blog subpages describing how to replace a light bulb on your own for a given phrase, then don’t try to hammer the home page of a car mechanic. I mean, we can, but Google might not recognize it, and all our work will go to waste. Let’s write a text Bulk Lead that is similar (but better! ) than the content of the competition and enjoy the profits.

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