It tells robots not to follow the link . Our site cribility or power. Importantly, in the approach to NF links has chang. Since then, this attribute has been suggest to robots, which means that nofollow links can affect ranking factors . For the Internet user, dofollow and nofollow links look the same: after clicking on a hyperlink, he is taken to another site. So how do you check if a link is nofollow ? The solution is to open the page code and check how our link looks in it.

What are the properties of nofollow links

If it is NF it will look like this:  It might seem that nofollow links have no value and are not worth worrying about in SEO. Nothing more wrong! What are the properties of links with this attribute ? they are essential in the process of creating a natural link profile . If only dofollow links lead to the site, it may seem a bit suspicious. So the safe option is to use mix Bahamas Phone Number List backlinks; nofollow links will also generate valuable traffic for us . It is worth posting them on social networks and information websites with high cribility; Google takes into account all links that lead to the site , so it’s worth using.

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However there are ways

NF to have as many of them as possible; they can be us in internal linking by adding the NF attribute to links that point to pages of little importance or where we will not find any content. How to check link attribute? As mention above, dofollow and nofollow links are virtually indistinguishable.  to check what kind of link we are dealing with. You can check it manually, or install a dicat plugin (e.g. with the telling name “NoFollow”), which marks all NF links on the page with a r frame. The easiest way, however, is to open the page code and verify the link attributes Bulk Lead there . You can do this by right-clicking and then selecting “view page source.