Information about the location (if it is important for your recipients, e.g. in the case of restaurants or stationary stores), key contact details, a link to e.g. a website. However, remember that the rule of thumb here is: the less, the better . Give the content an attractive look – use pauses, emoticons, special characters. You can also add characteristic hashtags, e.g. brand claim or profile name. McDonald’s Poland profile on Instagram – exemplary “bio” of the brand (Source: .instagram/mamsmakanamaka/ ). Engage with attractive content! – What really attracts followers is attractive and engaging content.

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So pay close attention to how your posts sound. What should you keep in mind when writing texts for Instagram? · Get ​​attention right from the start By default, Instagram only displays two lines of text. That’s exactly how much you have to draw the recipient’s attention and keep them for longer. So put there an interesting “teaser” that will encourage the reader to develop the content of the post. Do not dissapoint!  the user to read the rest of your post? Don’t let him Russia Phone Number List down! Take care of the high substantive quality of your content and the visual aspect you can read about it later.

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Encourage interaction Remember that social mia – as the name suggests – is a place to build community, through dialogue and interaction. Engage your audience and encourage them to discuss! You can do this by including in the content of your posts, e.g. open questions (e.g. what do you think about) encouragement to comment and discuss ( write in a comment what you would do in this situation ), requests for feback (e.g. what is your opinion on? ), encouragement to click on the link in the bio (link to our company website). hashtags – your instagram Bulk Lead must-have. Is another chance to expand the group of recipients.