The conversion rate is the basic

The conversion rate is the basic

The target group, analyze the purchasing process – perhaps it is impossible to make a purchase using a specific form of payment or the recipient is stuck at the level of completing the delivery data. Summary  measure of evaluating the effectiveness of a given company. It can be describ as the expect action taken by a user in relation to all users who have visit a given site. Conversion goals are divid into macro – strategic for the company’s operation and micro – supporting the implementation of superior goals.

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The amount of the conversion rate depends on many factors. Such as the type of industry, the multitude of competitors, the website’s usability, or the adjustment of the advertising activities to the target group of the website. There is no doubt that this is a very important indicator, and its optimization should be taken into account in the daily functioning of the Qatar Phone Number List company. contact  e-mail address will not be publish.   Name  Email Anna Gruszewska-Dzizic Senior Digital Analytics Specialist Practically from the beginning of her career associat.

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