How to get follow on Instagram? Take care of the visual aspect You already know how to write to reach new audiences . But that’s not all. Remember that the visual aspect of your profile is the first thing that affects users’ decision to stay on it or leave it quickly. How to attract the attention of potential observers? Pay attention to the consistency of the profile. An aesthetic and eye-catching profile is one that is consistent thematically, in terms of color and composition. What the themes of your posts will be and not go beyond them. Also, set the color scheme to maintain order. It is worth deciding on one or several guiding colors and, bas on it  them, arrange an instagram fe.

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Framing type is another important consideration for a consistent profile. Mixing the formats and orientation of photos (vertical, horizontal and square) can disturb the impression of cohesion and make the fe look a bit chaotic, but not always.  Orientations can work well in the case of creative or artistic brands or those bas on rebel archetypes. You can do Sri Lanka Phone Number List all these activities easily from your phone. Graphic applications such as Lightroom Mobile, Canva, VSCO or Snapse will help you with this (they have quite extensive and useful free versions, and at the same time they are easy to use.

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How to get followers on Instagram

On the other hand, useful in planning the order of posts , so that they fit into an aesthetic grid, are e.g. Planoly, Later and Preview. All the above-mention applications can be easily download to your phone using application banks, e.g. App Store, Play Store, etc. Profiles: Ania Kruk jewelery and Kaufland Polska – examples of profiles with a consistent Key Visual (source: .instagram/aniakruk_jewellery/ .instagram kauflandpolska.  What else is worth remembering? In addition to the above-mention elements, we also have some other effective tips for you. Be active on profiles with topics similar to yours – like, comment, join the discussion, and you will be interest in the Bulk Lead local “environment”, which will visit your profile out of curiosity.