Think about whether

Think about whether

Data sampling appears, reports take longer and longer to load. This is also the case with Google Analytics. The limit of actions sent to Universal Analytics is million hits. Uploading more data is against the terms of use of the tool. However, there are some solutions for this situation: Transition to Google Analytics . Google Analytics is a paid service with an SLA, support for technical and implementation issues, and support for more activities. More information can be found here:  Rucing the number of activities .  All the information you currently send to GA is ne for data analysis? Maybe it’s worth getting rid of some events that are no longer up to date and still.

The bounce rate is a parameter

Tracking events is effective when we don’t have too much unnecessary information. Transition to Google Analytics . No hit limit per service. Everything in GA is bas on events. However, they also have their limits. More information can be found here:  Bounce rate  showing what percentage of users visiting the website leave it without going to any other subpage or Bulgaria Phone Number List without performing any other action that allows them to send another query to the server. This action means that the Google Analytics code is call only once.

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This is a very important parameter

In GA you can check your site’s bounce rate from different perspectives, such as: The Audience -> Overview report shows your site’s overall bounce rate. Under Acquisition -> All traffic -> Channels you will find the bounce rate of individual channel groupings. In the All Traffic -> SourceMium report, you can find the bounce rate for each sourcemium pair. In the Behavior -> Site Content -> All Pages report, you can see the bounce rate of each page.  For any website. It should be analyz separately for each page type. The most common reason for its incorrect values ​​(close to %) is double implementation of the Google Analytics code or sending interaction events with the page view. User data Sending sensitive data, such as an address to Google Analytics, is Bulk Lead prohibit by both Google and Polish law.

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