The upcoming events in this context

The upcoming events in this context

Although this decision did not appeal to many, it was inevitable and will come into force in a year. So what is worth knowing about these two versions? What to keep in mind when migrating? You will learn this and more in this article. Google Analytics and – key dates Universal Analytics (UA) was found in and was also known as Google Analytics (GA ). In , Google Analytics version (GA ) was introduc, which has since also been interchangeably referr to as Universal Analytics. A new, updat version of the popular Google tool was bound to appear sooner or later, and this fact has recently been confirm.  are as follows: On July ,the ability to collect and use data in Universal Analytics ends.

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In the case of Universal (GA ), this period is extend by months and ends on October , . After July , , access to previously process data in Universal Analytics will be possible for at least months. Google recommends that you export historical reports during this time. In the coming months , Google will announce a date from which existing Universal Analytics properties will no longer be available.  be able to see Universal Analytics reports at all in the Analytics interface or access UA data via the API. So what’s the difference between the two versions? Let’s take a Bahamas Mobile Number List closer look at this. Google Analytics vs Google Analytics – the most important differences Looking at the design, colors and such elements, both versions are very similar.

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However, when it comes to functionality and architecture, you can quickly notice many fundamental differences. In Google Analytics , many elements have been remov or completely chang: . A new basis for data measurement In GA , sessions and impressions were the basis for all measurements. In GA , however, they are replac by events and parameters .  Change how Bulk Lead data collection and analysis should be approach. In the new tool, the focal point is the user and all relat events.

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