Marketing specialists – an audit is a good starting point when it comes to undertaking well-thought-out marketing activities. Such analysis often includes a closer look at the competition, which will certainly help in adjusting advertising activities. SEO audit – issues to be analyz Let’s take a closer look at what factors are mainly analyz in SEO audits: . Indexing and crawling a) errors Errors with a code status  indicate serious problems with internal linking and content structure.  Problems as soon as possible so that Google robots do not have problems with indexing and crawling. b) Robots.txt file configuration.

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The robots.txt file contains instructions for Google’s robots which pages should be crawl. It is worth configuring it properly, because incorrect commands contain in it can lead to general problems with the entire indexing process. c) XML sitemap XML sitemap is a list of all subpages contain on a given website. Google in analyzing the entire structure of the website and crawling the content, so during the SEO audit it is worth making sure that it is Azerbaijan Mobile Number List properly configur. Rirects a) Duplicate HTTP HTTPS If the HTTP and HTTPS versions of a page are not properly configur, both of them may be crawl by Google, leading to duplicate content issues.

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This is especially true if you recently install an SSL certificate. b) Use of the rel=”canonical” tag In most cases, duplicate URLs are handl by rirects. However, there are situations (e.g. when the same product appears in two categories with two different URLs) where both of them must be available. In such a situation, the priority subpage is mark with rel=”canonical” tags. Often for large pages, so audits should regularly check that they are properly configur. URLs a) Dynamically generat URLs Dynamically generat URLs that contain characters like or  are not user-friendly, provide no additional information, and are difficult to remember. They are also not Bulk Lead well-optimiz from Google’s point of view because they lack contextually relat keywords.