Google Analytics – disadvantages Here are some of the issues you can expect when you decide to upgrade to GA Young age problems Google Analytics is still in development and has not been fully field test by most of the community. For this reason, many features may be missing from the platform, and existing ones will not always work as they should.  Earlier, Google will stop collecting data in GA on July , (October for users). It is not possible to automatically transfer data from UA/ to GA . If you don’t export them manually, you’ll just lose them.

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The ne for additional study GA differs in many respects from the previous version. You will therefore have to wean yourself from your previous habits and expectations, and instead spend time learning new functionalities. Transition to Google Analytics – challenges The sooner you start using the new version, the better, of course. Thanks to this, you will master the new Google tool sooner, and the migration itself will be less problematic than if you did it at the last minute. However, the transition to GA itself is associat with some problems, which to some extent have already been mention when discussing the advantages and disadvantages of this tool. Complex Bahrain Mobile Number List data reimplementation Setting up Google Analytics requires a lot of extra work due to changes in architecture. For example, a simple event like displaying a page is not automatically configur in this form.

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Be prepar to implement a new site

It would just be a general event which then nes to be defin as a pageview. With Google Analytics , tracking key metrics will require much more effort and constant oversight compar to Google Analytics. When moving to GA ,  tagging system. reconfigure Bulk Lead conversion events, and rework all your reports. No AMP support AMP (Accelerat Mobile Pages) is a web format prepar by Google that makes it easy to create user-friendly pages.