The platform that stands out from

The platform that stands out from

However it should be remember that while on Facebook, the audience is very diverse, LinkIn is characteriz by a business approach in its users. Therefore, often graphics for both platforms will be very different in terms of creation or text. Advertising formats on Linkin Single photo ad: : aspect ratio, at least × pixels Carousel advertising Ratio from. to  Landscape format – Minimum: x pixels, Maximum: x pixels, Square format – Minimum: x pixels, Maximum: x pixels Portrait format – Minimum: x pixels, Maximum: x pixels Pinterest ads  the rest in terms of its construction, in the foreground we see rows of photos of users.

The main purpose of the platform

Consequently, the selection of creatives in this case is extremely important and has a large impact on the operation and results of such a campaign. Pinterest has the following three image campaigns: Standard Pin – We recommend using an aspect ratio of : or x pixels Pin carousel – to photos in : or : aspect ratio Pin collection – recommend photos in a : ratio Twitter Ads It is definitely not a platform in Poland as well known as in Western countries, but this does not Dubai Mobile Number List mean that we should ignore it.  Is to share information between users, which definitely distinguishes it from the competition. Image ad – aspect ratio or Minimum  pixels.

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However Despite the differences

Recommend size: x pixels. Carousel ad – aspect ratio  or Minimum pixels. Recommend size: x pixels. Summary When planning to create graphic campaigns, we must remember on which platform our campaign will be plac: whether in social mia or in a search engine. To whom will we address it and what is our main goal. Choosing the right advertising format is crucial here, as it will often affect the results of our campaign. In the construction of the platform itself, the Bulk Lead operation and setting up of paid campaigns is very similar. Pinterest is mainly bas on display ads.


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