What would they like to know

What would they like to know

SEO banner dark What is evergreen? Since we already know what evergreen is not, it is worth rethinking what it is. As in the previous case, specifying the concept of evergreen requires a certain amount of common sense – it is impossible to define every type of content that fulfills the function of evergreen content. But you can always try. Guides What can your users ask for?  As an expert in your industry, you should know and be quick to answer the question. Who, if not you, will answer the questions “how. Guides in the form of evergreens are a great option to expand the knowlge of your users – it is worth using it to ucate your customers! And at the same time, it affects the image of an expert in their field.

When it comes to older products

Reviews Reviews can seem to get out of date quickly. However, that doesn’t mean reviews won’t generate traffic in the long term. Not everyone is a tech nerd – some people prefer to shop calmly, not necessarily the latest technological advancement, but prefer to buy something that is well describ, review and guarante high quality in the form of numerous articles. it is reviews that reassure users in their choice and will generate traffic on the site in the long France Phone Number List term. Comprehensive development of the topic can result in constant traffic. An example of such a comprehensive study of the subject are bike reviews.

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By adding glossaries and specifying

It is a considerable purchase, often made for years, and it is not necessarily always the latest model that is purchas. reviews – what evergreen is Glossaries/definitions/explanation of terms Definitions have the advantage that they change rarely, so an article once written will gather traffic for years. An example would be an article about lazy loading . Written once in , it still generates high visibility in , because the topic of this way of speing up the page is still current and interesting for users. Terms Bulk Lead relat to your industry, in addition to generating traffic, which is the primary.

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