However, there is one thing that connects them – these ads are display only in select places by Google, such as: Google partners, YouTube, Gmail. Static display advertising It is bas on a set of creat graphics that we send to the system along with the URL and that’s where the work really ends. The biggest plus and minus of this way of advertising, contrary to appearances, is simplicity. Because we ne to upload as many ads as we want and specify the formats we ne.

Responsive ads allow the system

So a given graphic will not be able to be display everywhere, but only in a place where the system finds a suitable field for the creation. It is worth getting acquaint with the most common formats of static graphics: × – A small square × – Square × – Large rectangle × – Vertical × – Billboard Flexible display advertising This method is much more advanc than static ads. In addition to graphics, of course, we must include headlines and advertising texts.  In conjunction Dubai Mobile Number List with graphic creations to better adapt to the fields provid by partners and thus give us the opportunity to be display more often.

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The principles of operation

Responsive ad formats: x – square x – rectangle It’s worth mentioning that Google recommends that you include up to images per responsive display ad. All this so that the system has the ability to rotate many resources, as well as create short, engaging animations. Performance Max advertising format Some time ago, Google introduc a new campaign to its service – Performance Max. In it, one of the requirements for it to work is to add graphic creations.  Are very Bulk Lead similar to responsive ads, as the main emphasis in its case is on all automation and intelligent ad targeting.