The longer the period the more data

The longer the period the more data

It is available in the Tab Settings column. Thanks to it, we can quickly check if something is wrong with our data. We can customize it with the following settings: Training Period – Specifies the number of days prior to the start of the currently select date range that the anomaly detection model should use to calculate the expect value of the display data.  Will be includ in the expect value calculation. Sensitivity – Us to set the probability threshold below which data anomalies will be report. For example, a sensitivity of % means that any point that occurs with a probability of less than % is consider an anomaly. The higher it is, the narrower the expect value area will be.

If you had an ecommerce module implement

When Google Analytics detects an anomaly, it will be mark with an open circle on the chart. When you hover over them, you will see what was the actual value of the select metric and what was expect: exploration – all users Path exploration  on your website, then this form of report should be familiar to you from Universal Analytics. In it, we can analyze Australia Phone Number List user paths. In GA , only the path to purchase was available, while here we define the important steps for our customers on the way to significant conversions.

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When you choose the second option

For example, we can check what the data look like on different devices: path exploration In the visualization, you can choose a standard path or a line chart.  You will see all the steps at once: Note that the path can be open or clos. In the clos case, the user must complete all the steps from start to finish to be count to the path defin by us, while with the open path, he can start from any step. You can also enable the time between events feature. It will Bulk Lead show you the average time elaps between funnel steps.

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