Blog with a graceful name – Occam’s Razor (an analyst should skilfully cut data with Ockham’s razor: “Do not multiply entities, do not create fictions, explain facts as simply as possible”). Its author is Avinash Kaushik (Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google, co-founder of Market Motive). Web Analytics: An Hour A Day Avinash Kaushik, Web Analytics . YouTube channels .youtube/user/googleanalytics The official Google Analytics YT channel.

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There are mainly English-language materials on the basics of using GA, as well as information from the Google Adwords area. channel once dicat to Google Tag Manager for both those who want to start using this great tool and those who want advanc advice. Currently, it is a huge database touching on all issues in the field of web analytics. Web analytics course using UK Phone Number List Google Analytics from Przemysław Modrzewski. Want to understand the implementation of the latest Analytics interface on their own, which will soon (on July , ) be absorb by Universal Analytics.

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Another way is to participate in training.  The most common and free tool which is Google Analytics. Getting to know its capabilities at an intermiate level will already allow you to feel the taste of amazing opportunities that Google offers in its ecosystem! Summary However, the best method is practice, so after the first steps at home, apply for a junior position or start with an internship. You can use the Jooble portal for this purpose , which aggregates offers from various advertising portals. By learning under the supervision of someone experienc, you can learn many aspects of this work quickly and live. It is important to be sure what the internship plan looks like and what exactly we will learn during their duration. It is also worth asking the Bulk Lead employer about the possibility of obtaining certificates.