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User behavior explorer This report focuses on the analysis of user behavior. Provides a list of audiences that are part of the segments you creat or import. When you select one row, you will be shown detail reports about a given user: user behavior thanks to which we will analyze the group of recipients important to us. This is a similar feature to Universal Analytics Standard Reports call User Explorer. This report will be useful to you, for example, when you want to analyze potential problems on the way to a given conversion.

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The value since the beginning of the trace  since their first visit to your site. We can find answers to questions such as: When was the last time a user made a purchase on your site? When was the last time he interact with the site? Which source/mium or campaigns produc the best results in terms of value from the start of tracking? value from the beginning Brazil Phone Number List of the trace Summary We have briefly present you with the most important information about the various methods of data mining available in Google Analytics.

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We hope that our tips will prove valuable to you and will facilitate the process of data analysis. Note that if you want to use dimensions and metrics in this section, you must import them first. Also note the information about data sampling.  Corner means that no sampling was appli to the report. If this mark is yellow or r, sampling has start. If you ne our support in creating the reports you are interest in, write to us and we will be happy to help youcontact Comments Avatar January , at : Kamil wrote: Can the range

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