It is worth refreshing the content

It is worth refreshing the content

Social mia quick recipes for new from old . Updating, i.e. expanding the topic with the latest information This is the easiest way to recycle content . You can always add new threads to an article you already have and get rid of old threads.  With the latest cases, examples, as well as additional multimia e.g. new photos, infographics, video and audio materials, etc.. . Changing the format: many content from one Do you have, for example, extensive expert or blog articles, to which it is difficult to add new threads? You can “process” them by preparing content in other formats.

The big advantage of such

For example, use interesting quotes and photos in the form of a post on Facebook or Instagram. An extensive expert article will be perfect for preparing an e-book or presentation on Slideshare.  Activities is the fact that you have a chance to reach a wider group of recipients in this way, diverse in terms of preferr formats. In this way, your material can be seen by El Salvador Phone Number List both blog followers and those who only browse Instagram or YouTube. The choice of formats depends, of course, on the subject of the material and on what mia your target group uses – but the possibilities are generally quite wide.

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Content recycling is a great

Extension and better optimizationof the text You have interesting topics on your blog, but you didn’t have enough time to develop them properly while writing the texts? Opportunity to do just that. If the texts are too short, it is worth making them longer and better optimizing them in the context of SEO . Perhaps the extension will allow you to place additional Bulk Lead key phrases with potential in the text, and this in turn will make your material easier to find by users.

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